Monday, August 24, 2009

We're in!

I'm just here at the old place, doing some laundry and picking up a few things we need for tomorrow but we are all sleeping at the new house tonight!

Mom and the kids and I will be over here tomorrow to pack up the kitchen and take a load back. Then, the menfolk have to move a few more large items and I'll have another load or two and we'll be done!

Well, done with moving. We women know that all the hard work starts once you're moved! LOL!

We're Moving!

Today!!! Our loan funds this morning but we've already gotten the keys from the sellers and even taken a load over in our trucks. I got antsy while we were waiting for some family to stop by the new place so I zipped over to the storage unit in town and brought back a load from there, too! LOL!

Plans for today!

~Call utilities and get them switched to our name. (This may or may not include internet service, so I might not be back for a while unless I post from my mom's.)

~Load up my truck.

~Call my nephew Kevin and have him come over and load up his vehicle.

~Head to Canby and unload

~Head to storage unit and load up both vehicles as well as my dad and my brother, Cody's.

~Unload at the house

~Repeat until storage unit is empty! :)

~2:00 go to the fairgrounds and pick up my photos and layouts. Ask about the picture of Norman. (I think it might be going to the State Fair!!!)

~2:30 take Audrey to her 4 month check up

~Head back to Silverton and pack more stuff up

~3:00 Andrew gets off work and will pick up a trailer from the realtor

~4:00 load up trailer, unload in Canby

~repeat until we're too tired or it's too late in the day

It's almost eight now so I've got to go! It's gonna be a busy day! :D

Friday, August 14, 2009

Here are the Goodies!

Here are the pics of the blog candy from my giveaway.

Good luck! :D

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

We're buying a house!!! (And a giveaway!!!)

Yep, that's the big news I referred to earlier. We finally found a house we like and can afford and fits our needs. Phew! I seriously can't wait to get back to Canby. Living in Silverton has been fun but it's time to go home now.
The family is seriously thrilled. Granny has clocked the distance between our two homes and we will be less than four miles away. She is so excited! :D

This is our new house. Well, it will be the end of this month. :)

Here's our shop. (Andrew loves this!)

The main bathroom.

The dining room and kitchen.

The ginormous (I kid you not!) master bedroom. Check out that door to the right. We'll come back to that door in a bit.

The master bath. The picture is a little wonky.

This is going to be Audrey's bedroom. I'm keeping the walls the way they are except I'm painting the brown dots and stripes green. It's a super cute room!Our back patio. (Nope, the Traeger doesn't come with it.)

The shed/dog house/dog run.

The back yard. Yep, there's a fire pit and a sitting area just outside those french doors which lead into the master.

Now, we're back to that door in the master suite. It's a ginormous walk in closet. It's almost the size of a bedroom and it has a window! This is going to be my craft room. There is a closet between the master bedroom and the master bath that houses the washer/dryer. Andrew is going to move those into the garage and that will be our closet.

We just don't have that many clothes and I do have that much craft stuff! LOL!

The house also comes with a goat. Yep, I'm getting a goat, finally!!! His name is Chuck but I think we're going to call him Cleatus. LOL!

Now for the giveaway!!! Since I'm so excited, I thought I'd share the love. Leave a comment here and you'll be entered in the drawing. Your comment can be anything you want. But please make sure that there's a way that I can get a hold of you. :D This contest will be open for entries until our loan funds. LOL!

Oh, you want to know the prize, do you? Well, it's a collection of five little stamp sets and some kraft journaling spots. (I'll post a pic of the goodies later!)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Four Months!!!

Yep, my baby turned four months old today. Wow, it's going by sooooo fast. And, she's growing and changing so much. She really, really, really wants to crawl and schooches (my new word) across the floor. She makes it four feet or so and then runs into something and starts crying/whining/talking. It's pretty humorous. I've got to get Andrew to bring home the point and shoot so I can get video of it.

She's still a great baby. Wakes with a smile and does almost everything else with a smile, too! Including spit up! I've started calling her Pukey McPukerton because she does it so much lately! I think she's making up for the first few weeks of her life when she only spit up once or twice a week.

She takes a little while to get used to new people and won't do it at all if she's in a crowded or noisy situation. She gets all upset and starts crying and finally gets handed back to me. She'll yell at me for a few seconds to let me know how ticked she was and then boom! back to normal. She also doesn't like strong perfumes/colognes and if you're wearing them while holding her...look out!

The funny thing is, if the person she won't let hold her, puts her on the floor and just makes faces at her and talks to her, she's fine. She'll coo and babble and smile for all she's worth. She's just such a happy girl and so much fun to be around.

She's truly brought happiness and joy to my heart. :)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Not only do I have a new blog header...

I've got a new wallpaper for my computer!!!

I've been a busy girl! LOL!

ps~stay tuned this week, I may have a new something else to share! (And, if I do, a giveaway will follow!)

We Escaped the Heat!

After two days of 100+ heat and only the barest hint of coolness from a tiny A/C unit, I finally had enough. I am a true, blue (or is that green?) Oregonian and I'm just not that fond of the heat. So, I packed up the babies and off we headed to the Oregon coast. Oh, the bliss of 63 degree weather!!! :D

First stop, Lincoln City and the outlet mall! I drug the kids all over the mall and while we did get some good deals for Mickey and a couple for Audrey, it wasn't exactly the most picturesque stop on our journey. I tried to find a cute sundress for the wedding we went to yesterday but found nothing. Oh, and the colors in Old Navy and the Gap right now are hideous!!! I didn't like the 80's the first time around and I'm soooo not thrilled that they are back! LOL!

Mickey was at the end of his rope, patience-wise so we trecked on down the coast to Depot Bay. We found a great parking spot, I popped Audrey in the Snugli and off we went. First we walked to the bay to see the boats. Mickey was a little spooked as to how high we were so we didn't stop to take pics. Then, under the bridge and to the whale watching center. That was pretty cool. We found a cool vantage point for some pics and then went in the center itself. Mickey found a button to push that lit up a whale skeleton, a puzzle, and...a kid! LOL! Man, that boy of mine is a social butterfly.
We heard that there was a whale just off the coast so we headed out with the crowd to check it out. I finally saw it spout and breach a few times but Mickey just didn't have the patience. Fortunately, I got a few shots so he was able to see it later.

After that, we walked the strip of shops that line the highway and did all the things I wanted to do as a kid. :D We had ice cream (Tillamook chocolate chip cookie dough), watched salt water taffy being made, and bought some for Mickey's Hawaiian cousins to take home. We also sampled a little of it ourselves. Mickey is not a fan. :) Then we found a couple of machines to smash pennies and bought some caramel corn. Mickey is a fan of caramel corn!

All in all, it was a great trip! My sanity was helped by the cool temps, Audrey loved all the time in the Snugli, and Mickey had a lot of fun. I love the coast!