Sunday, September 30, 2007

I almost forgot!

OK, so I did forget. :D I wanted to post a link to little man's Halloween costume.

He's going to be a cow this year!!! I keep wanting to call it his first Halloween but, it's actually his second. He was only 10 days old for his first one! :D

So, for the cow costume, I'm going to get him long black pants and a long-sleeved black shirt. What should I do for his basket? I'm sure there has to some cute idea that would go with his cow costume. Any brilliant ideas???

Tired, tired, tired...and Toilet Links! :D

Little man is not lovin' sleeping at Hotel Mommy (well, Hotel Grandma, to him). So, I get woken up a few times before our normal six a.m. wake, eat and sleep till eight ritual. I'm really starting to notice it. I'm cranky and seriously, I feel boring. Blech!!!

However, it is allowing me to be really annoying over on the scrap smack blog. I just don't think they should be smacking normal people. Products that fail and classes that consistently get cancelled and things that they pay for, I'm fine with. Makes the pro's in the industry a little more accountable and warns fellow scrappers to avoid bad products. I don't get the need to smack scrap "celebrities". And, I'm not tolerating them smacking people I know and like!

On to more mundane items. Here's the latest update on the remodel.

Gutted? Check
New plumbing? Check
New wiring? Check
New exhaust fan? Check

Next up, Andrew has to find a way to get the drywall from the store to our house without it getting wet or broken. Then he can install the insulation and drywall and subflooring.

We only have a week left as the solo guests of Hotel Mommy. I'd really like to have a functioning toilet before my folks come home but, it's not looking good. Once he gets the above items installed we still have to get the floor tiles laid and then they have to set for 24 hours and then I think we can install the toilet.

Oh, yeah. And, we have to buy the toilet!!! Hahahahahaha!!!

Here's what I'm liking right now.

I want to get a porcelain lever handle to go with the faucets we got. Here's a peek...

We got them in Satin PVD (aka Brushed Nickel). Our house was built in '55 and I really didn't want something too modern. Besides, Andrew and I are sooooo not modern, trendy people. :D

Next time I post from my house I'll try to post some pics. Hopefully, that will be sometime this week! Wish me luck!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bathroom Mayhem and Hotel Mommy!

I'm writing this blog from Hotel Mommy!!! We are actually staying at my folks house while Andrew guts our one and only bathroom. Fortunately, Mom and Larry are out of town for two weeks so we aren't in each others hair. :D I don't think that being awakened by a screaming child at one in the morning is what a couple of sixty year olds really want to experience! LOL! And, being awakened by my step-dad bellering on the phone to Japan at six in the morning is so not something Mickey and I need in our lives right now! ;)

DH is actually over at our house right now. He wanted to stay there tonight to remove the toilet and the flooring under it. We're getting a dipsty dumpster delivered (say that five times fast) in the morning. So, I'll be filling that bad boy with the tile and other goodies that he's removed today. I took out all the towel bars, toilet paper holder and medicine cabinet and I'm really proud of myself! I was pregnant with my first one when we redid the kitchen so I slept on the floor while he did demo! Hee!

What are we doing to the bathroom you ask?? Well, I'm glad you asked! We are gutting that bad boy! The only thing that will remain is the bath tub. It's cast iron and it fits the spot it's in perfectly so it stays. Andrew is putting in new subflooring, tile floors, new drywall on the walls and ceiling, new insulation, new wiring, new toilet, new vanity, new countertop...well, you get the picture. He's doing it all too! Love that man of mine. :D The only thing that we will have someone else do is texture the drywall and the ceiling. I'll paint and assist Andrew (read: fetch tools, drinks and make food).

After this is done, I'm going to start campaigning to get the laundry room redone. I really want to get these done sooner rather than later. I mean, if we're gonna spend the money, I really want to enjoy it before we sell the house next year! Besides, that room is gonna rock when it's done!!

I'll try to figure out how to post pictures on this so you can see the demo in progress! And my cute demo-ee! :D

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Whirlwind Week!

It's been almost a week since I last blogged and boy, the stuff that has happened.

1~Crafter's Garage Sale...was a success! We sold a lot of stuff and met some really cool people! Some of them even want to take a mini book class from me! Coolness! was Mickey's first one ever! Well, he attended last year, in utero! He loved it! He ate teriyaki chicken, sauerkraut and Marionberries and got to see some of his cousins. I think his favorite was petting the sheep and a llama. Good times!

3~Bathroom remodel...was planned in about 24 hours! I realized that my folks two week trip to the East Coast would be the perfect time for us to remodel our one and only and tiny bathroom! We can stay at their house during this and not be in their hair or feel like we are imposing. And, they only live a mile and a half away so it's not a big drive to work on the bathroom. So excited because now we'll actually get to enjoy this before we move in about a year! Yeah, baby!

4~Lost a loved father's aunt Laverne died on Sunday. She was 90. My dad is in Eastern Oregon hunting so I've been trying to get a hold of him for a few days to tell him. We are going to the funeral on Saturday. Laverne was such a neat lady. She had a keg of beer and a live band at her 80th birthday party!! She always was full of life and love and passed that on to her family. Miss you already, Aunt Laverne!

5~Our new driveway...was driven on for the first time! It is so nice now! We can park two cars side by side and two deep and then two more single file behind them. With five siblings each, being able to park six cars off the street is a good thing!

6~Kid my gym is now acceptable to Little Man again!!! He wasn't having it for a while and that made it hard to get in a work out! So, he's been cool with it for three workouts in a row so far! Way to go, Mickey!

7~Teeth...Mickey now has eight of them!!! He got two more in three days! Little Man is growing up!

Well, that's all the big stuff. There's been quite a lot of little stuff too! New back gate, making hair appointments (required FIVE phone calls!), getting car stuff taken care of...all the while doing the normal SAHM stuff! :D

Anyway, I'll be leaving Friday and won't be back until Sunday so, unless something fabulous and eminently blogable happens...see ya Sunday!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Selling the Goods!

So, my mom and I are having a crafter's garage sale tomorrow and Saturday. So, I'm trying to put an ad on Craig's List and for the first time, it's hating my photos!!! So, now I'm loading them into Photobucket, resizing and reposting them. Argh!!! Andrew wants to go look at house stuff and I can tell he's getting restless! Thank goodness for football and chips and salsa!!! :D

Argh!!! Photobucket is so slow!!! Only halfway through four photos!!! Ah, well. At least we have an ad in the Canby Herald.

So, I posted the ad on Craig's List with no photos. I'm trying to link it to a bulletin on My Space and my ad is not showing up yet!!! Seriously, Craig, get the lead out! :D

Ahhh, finally!!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

I'm so bad...and so good!!!

Bad, first. (It's more fun!!!)

I just added another class to my CKC-Seattle schedule!! I'm taking Acrylic Mania II on Saturday morning at 8:00 am. This is the morning after the Friday night crop!! I'm so glad I'll be able to drink caffeine again, otherwise I don't think I'd make it! :D

BTW, I told all this to my mom and she thinks it's good that I'm adding more classes!! (See, I told you my mom rocks!)

And now for the good!!!

We had a garage sale this weekend and I made some mad money for my trip!! Whoo-hoo!!! :D

And, we are having a crafters garage sale this coming weekend to sell supplies and such. Hopefully, it's a sucess. We advertised it in the local paper and I'm thinking of putting flyers in the local Post Office and places like that. So, I'm purging my stash and making money at the same time! Wahooooo! :D

Oh, and now for the reason my mom is advocating more classes. On Saturday, Andrew watched Mickey during the garage sale. I missed him almost the whole time! We actually stopped by the house on our lunch trip and I couldn't see him because he was napping and I was afraid to wake him. So, mom thinks that if 5 hours bugs me, 3 days are gonna kill me unless I have a lot of distractions!! LOL!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Other stuff I want at CKC-Seattle

I must keep adding to this so that I'm not tempted to buy now!!!! I've already been bad and gotten some of the Big Lots ribbon! (Bad, Erica...bad, Erica!!) :D

~QK Magpie storage container in white
~Graph paper by Scenic Route
~some really cool expensive new goody*

*this was suggested to me by my mom as she handed me $50.00 the other day!!!! Love my mom!!! (She's paying me for watching her house this weekend and for two weeks the end of this month. I think she's feeling a little guilty because my b-day is during those two weeks.)