Thursday, November 29, 2007

I got tagged!!!

Oooops, I got tagged a few days ago and forgot!! :::blushing:::

So, I have to list seven random things about myself.

1-I'll read anything. Seriously, I read the salad dressing bottle at dinner and the cereal box at breakfast. The same ones I've read hundreds of time before. I read the shampoo bottle in the shower and, when I'm not driving, I try to read every sign I pass.

2-I own over 2,000 books. This should not shock you now that you've read number one. :D

3-I am living proof that intelligence and commen sense do not always go hand in hand. I got a 1380 on my SAT's. However it took me (and my mother) a while to figure out that was a good score because I got a 690 in verbal and a 690 in math and we didn't realize that we had to add the two together. My hair was much lighter then. LOL!

4-I like trees. They make me happy. I finally realized last year that the reason I've always wanted a pear-shaped diamond in my wedding ring is because it looks like a leaf. Yep, I'm a weird one. :D

5-I love my feet. They are my mom's feet. Long and slender with long and slender toes. Long toes. My index toe is 2 inches long. (Yes, I just measured it.)

6-Ditto my hands. Andrew and I have the same length fingers and he is 6'3"!!! When he went to buy my ring (see #4) he asked for the saleslady with the biggest hands. The gal said, my hands are big and he just laughed at her! LOL!!!

7-I love candy. Love it. I have a deep, pure and unending love for candy. Little kid candy. Gummy grapefruit, lemonheads (and orange, cherry, grape and apple, too), Laffy Taffy, Runts, Nerds, Smarties, Neccos, Red Vines...mmmmmmmmm, candy!!! :D

OK, there's my random seven. If you've made it this far and want to join in (you may be weirder than me) consider yourself tagged!!! :D


So, I got sick the first time before CKC-Seattle, then I got sick after Bunko and now, I'm sick again!!! Booger got sick on Monday, worse on Tuesday, better yesterday and still not quite healthy today. I started getting sick Tuesday night, worse yesterday and the same today! Argh! I think he takes after his dad. Because, Andrew has not gotten sick this entire time. Seriously. I know. Seriously. Although, I guess I should be grateful. When he gets sick, he really gets sick. Temps of 103 and walking pnuemonia are what I've dealt with when he gets sick.

Anyway, Little Man and I have to brave the outside world today. I want to make some of those cool pinecone ornaments. Check them out here . And, I need some refill blades for my craft knife. But, the real reason we have to go is because we only have two diapers left in the whole house. And, a side effect of Mickey being sick is well, we go through a lot of diapers. So, now I'm waiting for him to wake up and then off we go. :D

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Turkey Day!!!

I love family. I love my family, I love Andrew's family, I love YOUR family. Seriously, ask me to come to a family function, and I'm there! I've stood in as one person or another at my friend's family Christmas party and family reunion so many times that they finally started inviting me in my own right!!! LOL!

So, for all of you spending time with your family or your friends or your friends that have become family count your blessings. They are one thing to be very thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

I'm dreaming of a ....

....healthy Thanksgiving! :D I've been fighting a cold for about three weeks and yesterday I got some other bug on top of it and I'm just not feeling great. I'm really hoping this all goes away by Thursday.

...finished bathroom!!! Seriously, I'm starting to get a little miffed. My darling, wonderful, beloved hubby cut seven tiles this weekend. Seven tiles. Saturday and Sunday. Seven tiles. He watched every football game they showed as well as classic bowling from '86 and two golf tourneys so, I'm sure he thinks he got a lot done since he cut seven whole tiles. >:(

...clean scrap area!!! I think I've come up with a new plan. Andrew (seven tiles) doesn't really use the office that is "his area". So, I'm going to take over half of it. I'll move all the office stuff into the roll top desk in between the living room and dining area and move my scrap stuff into the office. I can put my white cubes in the corner to the right of the doorway and no one can see them until they walk in the room. Right now, my scrap area is in direct line of sight from the front door. Not cool.

...restful Black Friday. I normally go all nuts on Black Friday with my good friends the Boens. We go to Fred Meyer first (gotta get the half off socks) then hit the malls. It's a lot of fun and chaos. I went last year with Mickey but I think it'll be harder now that he's older. So, no waking up before the crack of dawn on Black Friday...unless of course, people tell me all about the great things I could be getting. :D

Monday, November 12, 2007

Happy Veteran's Day!!!

It's Veteran's Day today! Hug your local veteran!!!

I hugged mine!!!

Love ya, Dad!!! :D

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Nice Blogger, Good Blogger...

...okay, lets hope Blogger's havin' a better day today! :D

Here are the goodies I bought at Noel's LSS, Lasting Memories. Awesome store!! Awesome! Has sooooooo much stuff. A little pricey (just a little bit) but so worth it because of the selection!!

This next awesome pile of yummy-ness is the goodie bag that was handed out in Ali Edwards 10 Best class. So cool, and so unexpected! There's that lace cardstock that Erin reviewed, a Heidi Swap mask(I love those things, I have a cool LO that I need to post that uses one), 7gypsies stickers, wordfetti(have you guys seen the new Christmas wordfetti??? If I hadn't bought everything at the convention I'd so be tempted!!), Scenic Route journaling stickers, a cool acrylic album by d. reeves, some really cool Christmas stickers, Basic Grey rubons and basic black brads. And...I won a book! I actually won her second book but, she let me trade for her first...after I bugged her all weekend! LOL! Not really, but you know you've been seen by someone a little too often if they start remembering your name when they are meeting hundreds of women at the same time!

This last pic is all the Technique Tuesday stamps I bought at the convention. I got a mini set at the album crop and I bought another mini set at Lasting Memories (see first pic!) The only individual letters left were Q, X, Y & Z. I bought X & Y and the gal was curious why, and I thought you all might be to. I'm going to use them for titles and accents. "10 reasons "Y" I love you" and "X"O"X"O using flowers or circle accents for the O's. Things like that! :D

So, that's all for now. I've got a few more product pics to share and then a bunch of pics of the girls!!! (And, a one of Ali being a really good sport!!)

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Some Cool CKC Photos!!!

Hmmmm, someone shopping. Great pic, Erica! LOL! Actually, this is a great pic! This is the amazing Luv2talk! And, the astonishing thing about it is...she's not buying albums!!! Bwahahahahahaha!!!!

We interrupt this post to inform you that Blogger is throwing a temper tantrum. Blogger is now getting a time out and we will resume this post at a later time!!!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

My Son, the Cow!

Here's a pic of the three of us on Halloween at the Boen's house(my second family!).

Little man had a great time as a cow. We visited about five houses and Mickey came home with a ton of candy and wasn't allowed to eat any of it! Momma took it to CKC-Seattle with her and gave it away at the Thursday night crop! LOL! Sorry, Booger! Maybe next year! But, he wasn't without treats. My mom got him some Gerber star puffies...his favorite!!!!
Hope everyone had a great Halloween!!!! :D