Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Holy Scrap!!!!

I made it to the next round of The Nook Scrap-Off! I am so excited about this! {{{huge grin!}}}

Here are my layouts from the last week.

This first one was a sketch mini challenge and it had to be about one of our attributes and it had to have at least one butterfly on it. I chose animated because, well ... because I am a walking cartoon character some days! LOL!

Oh, and here's the sketch we had to use. :)

The next mini challenge was to do a layout without any adhesive at all. We could use self-adhesive items though. A lot of people were sewing and using brads and stuff so I gave myself the additional challenge of not poking any holes in my background paper. I almost gave that up but then I figured out I could stick the brad into one of the holes in the felt. Worked like a charm!

Finally, here's my layout for the Week 3 Challenge. We had to scrap an emotion using only one photo and we must include journaling.

Now the field has been cut in half and the next challenge is to create a layout about keeping it real and you have to include a self-portrait taken just for this challenge. I've got my pictures and have already started my layout. You guys are going to get a giggle out of it, I promise! LOL!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

More Scrappy Fun and Conversations with Mickey

First up, a layout using the colors from this fabric.

I used not only the color inspiration but also the pattern! This photo is Granny, Mom, me and Audrey on Mother's Day. Four generations of women. :)

This was for a shaped layout challenge. I bought Mickey some little seeds at Target and we are growing tomatoes and strawberries.

Finally, a card challenge. We had to make a card using two patterned papers and at least one ribbon and one flower.

Now for some funnies from Little Man.

While parking at Costco:
"Mama back-a up?"
"Yep, Mama is parking the truck."
"Good job, Mama!"
This morning after throwing up all morning:
"I go outside!"
"No, Mickey. You are sick. Remember stuff coming out of your mouth?" (His words for throwing up.)
"I not sick." Nice try, kiddo.

Last night at dinner, completely out of nowhere:
"Nice day, Dada? Nice day, Mama?"
"Yes, Mickey, it is a nice day."

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

If you have a minute...

...please vote for my friend Joscie's layout to be in an upcoming issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine!

Here's the link to her adorable layout. Link

And here's the link to vote! Vote

Thanks!!! :D

Monday, May 11, 2009

Another Layout

This layout is for the first weekly challenge over at The Scrapbook Nook. The challenge was to scrap multiple copies of the same picture. This is Audrey right after her first bath at the hospital. Sara, her nurse, bathed her for us and then put that cute little bow in her hair. I kept the bow (of course!) and glued it to the middle picture. The stat card was attached to her bassinet in our room. It had a formula logo on the bottom right corner so I covered it up.
The journaling reads...
They didn't record...
...that wonderful baby smell
...that your right ear looks just like mine tiny your toes are
...your impossibly dark blue eyes sweet all that hair is
...your cute pouty lips
...your kissable cheeks much I love you

Saturday, May 9, 2009

A baby, four cards, a layout

Here's little Audrey today. :D She's hanging out on the floor after some good tummy time. I got her this cool Boppy toy and it's fantastic! (And, it's pink!)
Now for the cards. These next two are for a mini challenge at The Scrapbook Nook. It was to make two "mini" cards. This first one is 4"x3", pretty darn small.

The inside. I lined the bottom so that the scallops on the outside would show up more. And, I couldn't leave that plain so I scalloped it too!
Now this second card is really teeny. It's only 2"!

And the inside. These next two cards are for tomorrow. This first one is for my Granny. I'm giving her the one with the photo on it so she can take it to coffee and show her friends her great-grandchildren. She likes stuff like that and we love her for it! :)

This card is for my mom. Now, it looks rather plain but we've been talking about cards with rounded corners and I really wanted to give her a card with rounded edges.

And for the layout. This was for another mini challenge over at the Nook. It was to do a layout about yourself and to post it on the board by noon today. Unfortunately, I (and a few other ladies) misread the pm as am and thought I had until tonight to do it. I posted it this afternoon anyways and am still glad I did the layout because I never do layouts about me.
Anyway, it's called the ABC's of Me and the journaling around the edges is 26 little tidbits about me, one for each letter of the alphabet. It's loosly based on a note I posted on Facebook. :D

I'm really liking it at the Nook and I'm loving this challenge! I've already kind of made a friend and I've gotten a lot of scrappin' done! Double bonus!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Scrapbook Nook

I've found a new scrappy place to hang out! Since I've had such a hard time getting on the CKMB, I've been looking for somewhere else to go. I've been at 2Peas but I spend more time in the Photography forum over there. Yesterday, I read a blog post by Leah Killian. She's the DT manager for The Scrapbook Nook's kit club. They are having a Scrap-off for a 6 month post on their design team and I figured that this contest was a great way for me to meet a new scrapbook forum. :)

The contest consists of weekly challenges and a bunch of mini-challenges. So far I've completed two. First, I visited 15 blogs of Scrapbook Nook members and commented on them. This was a cool challenge. They have a lot of foreign members and it was cool to see all of their blogs. I visited a lot of Swedish blogs and got to see a lot of eye candy!
The second challenge was to scraplift a DT members layout. I chose Leah because I loved a layout that she'd recently posted on her blog. It's about her two month old little man. Mine is called Our sweet baby Audrey. I do have journaling to do on it but my white pen is running out of juice. It's still okay for dots and faux stitching but writing on textured cardstock is out of the question for now! LOL!

Cardstock~American Crafts. Patterned Paper~Basic Grey Urban Prairie. Buttons~Basic Grey Urban Prairie. Cardstock Stickers~Basic Grey Urban Prairie. Ribbon~Making Memories. Small Letter Stickers~Making Memories. Green Letter Stickers~American Crafts. Flower~Bazzill. Pen~Signo Uniball

I've also decided to start entering some of the challenges over at 2Peas and will try to create an online gallery there, too. Here's a card I made for the flower challenge by the Garden Girls. It is conveniently going to be one of my Mother's Day cards, too! LOL! I've got two more made but not photographed yet.

Cardstock~American Crafts (blue), Bazzill(white). Flower~Bazzill. Sticker~Basic Grey Urban Prairie. Button~Basic Grey Urban Prairie. Patterned Paper~Basic Grey Urban Prairie.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Mickey loves Audrey!

Yep, he thinks she's the best thing since sliced bread! He's always asking to "Hold it?". He calls her it. Heh. He also likes to pet her head and call her a "Good boy!". And, if you try to tell him that she's a girl, he says boy!!! Poor little girl. If she's crying, which doesn't happen too often, he says "Baby cry" in such a sad little voice. It's adorable.

He is also very interested in the breastfeeding process. We call it the "mama's milk" so that he doesn't mistake it for the milk he drinks. I had a few nightmares of him wanting to try nursing so I differentiated the two for him right away. Lately, he's started saying that he wants to feed the baby and then pulling up his shirt. So stinkin' cute! He did it when my dad was over and I think it kind of freaked him out. Hee-hee. Different generations!