Sunday, February 7, 2016

Bucket List Item-Blue Hair!

When I was a kid, I wanted mermaid hair. I had this dream of hair that ran the gamut of green to aqua to blue in gorgeous waves of color. Sadly, my mom didn't have the same dream for my hair.

Well, at the ripe old age of 39 I finally did it! I have blue hair! It's just the ends and it's only aqua to blue but I love it!

I also loved scrapping it! I grabbed some of my favorite new papers and went to town!

I also tried to use some of my older embellishments like the flair above and that flower below.

 The title is made using alterable Thickers. I used Luminarte Radiant Rain in Egyptian Gold and Mediterranean to color them.

There's a little pineapple tucked in the corner of this cluster of embellishments. Since pineapples are my thing, I've been buying all the pineapple scrappy product I can. And, I try to include on on every page that is about me. I'll be so sad when this little micro trend goes away.

So, that's my first bucket list item checked off this year! Do you have any bucket list items planned?
I've got another one that will get checked off this month!!!
Stay tuned! ;) 

Friday, February 5, 2016

Unauthorized Slumber Party

My sweet little heathens snuck a slumber party on a school night and I had to get a pic.

Since they were actually asleep, Andrew and I let them get away with it and didn't tell them we knew until later.

I am grateful everyday that they not only love each other so much, but they like each other, too!

Ensuring their friendship is my biggest parenting goal. 

Because I've learned that friends come and go in life but my brother is always there.