Monday, October 27, 2008

No CKC for me. :(

I decided last night (5 minutes before the deadline) that I probably shouldn't go to CKC-Seattle this year. My friend Jackie couldn't go and my other friend Leslie wound up not being able to go with me either. But, that's not the real reason, nor is my pregnancy.

The real reason is that we may have found a house! I saw it on RMLS Saturday, drove by and loved how it looked and the neighborhood. Then, Andrew and I toured it on Sunday morning before Mickey's party. We were there for an hour and a half. The realtor, Margie, was wonderful!!! Anyway, we really like the house and I just decided that CKC probably wasn't the best idea this year.

If you're going, have lots of fun for me!!! If not, I feel your pain. :D

Friday, October 24, 2008

My New Favorite Joke

What's red and smells like blue paint?

Red paint!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

He's Two!!!

Holy Moly! My little man turned two today. It's just amazing to me how fast it's gone.

He had his 24 month check-up today. At 36 1/2" and 29 1/2 lbs he's in the 97th percentile for height and the 70th for weight. And, he's over the 97th percentile for head size. Yep, I gave birth to a lollypop!

Mickey calls his grandma "Bah-bong". We have no idea why, but it is just hilarious!

His great-grandma he calls "grn". He gets upset when we drive by her house without stopping.

He calls a school bus "puh-kool".

Our dog Devo is now "Doh-doh".

He can point to and say star and arrow and while circle, square and triangle are all "ah-kuhl", he will point to the right one when you ask him to.

He loves bananas "mana's". The one day I left them on the counter instead of the top of the fridge he ate 3 1/2 of them! That doesn't include the one he ate for breakfast. Funny thing, I thought he'd only eaten 2 1/2 until I looked in the garbage can. He'd thrown away one of the peels!!!

He loves books. I've come into the room and he'll be just chillin' on the couch with a book.

Tractors and trains are a big thing for him too. A few days ago he started saying "choo-choo train" instead of just "choo-choo". Pretty cool stuff!

He loves animals. Devo and Rillah are his buds and he loves giving them kisses. Even when Devo runs away and Rillah swats at him. He still loves them to pieces!

He got to ride in the car grocery cart today. I think this will be a very, very rare occurence as that bad boy is long and really hard to manuever!

I love every little thing about him. I love how when you are holding him and you pat him on the back, he'll pat you with his little hand. I love the feel of his little arm wrapped around my neck. I love the smell of his hair. I love how his pants fall off of him because he's so slender. I love how we play Marco Polo except it's Ma-ma, Mickey. I love how he gives kisses.

I love having him in my life. Thanks for making me a mama, Mitchell Jack Hettwer!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Because We've got nothing else going on...

...our refrigerator decided last night was the perfect night for it to die! Yep, all our perishables are now chillin' (ha!) in a large cooler on our front step. And yes, that means that in order to get breakfast for little man and me I had to pop out the front door in my p.j.'s!!! Ah, the lovely sights people get to see as they drive to work! Hee!

I also got almost everything done yesterday! I didn't pick up the living room and I only got a bag out for the gift. But, I've got tissue paper sitting right next to it ready to go! So today, the goal is to do two loads of laundry (Andrew needs something to wear for the wedding) and pick up the living room and keep the kitchen clean. Oh, and addressing the invites for Mickey's 2nd b-day! They turned out stinkin' cute!!!

Since I like Mickey's b-day theme and Halloween costume to coordinate I went with a jungle themed b-day to go with his lion costume. Last year he had a cowboy themed b-day and he was a cow for Halloween. And we had OSU themed pennants and matching shirts and a onesie that said "Team Hettwer 2006" in the delivery room and then he was an OSU pumpkin for Halloween.

Not sure why I like them to coordinate. Maybe it's because it helps me narrow down the choices. Or, maybe because I'm so planning a really awesome mini album about it! Hah!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Today's To-Do's

Got a few things that I just HAVE to do today and some that I want to do.

Have To
~pay bills done and in the mailbox waiting for pick-up!
~fill out insurance forms from other driver's company done and hanging out with the bills in my mailbox
~fill out insurance forms from my company all done, just now copying so they can go chill in the mail box, too! :D Finished and chilling with the bills!
~call auto body shop re: damage to my car and when I'll get my beloved Sport Trac back done, there is minor frame damage and the whole back bumper and all it's components need to be replaced. I should have it by the middle of next week.
~call doctors office re: physical therapy. When I went in on Friday the computers were down and so I'm not too suprised I haven't heard anything from them yet. Done and waiting for them to return my call. Got their call and the call from Canby Physical Therapy. All set up for next week!

Want To
~keep kitchen clean Dishes are in dishwasher! :D
~pick up living room
~wrap present for wedding we are attending on Friday
~make card for wedding we are attending on Friday

This is about all I probably should do but, I may also try to get some laundry done. Tomorrow evening I'm going to have to blow dry my hair and use my camera (with my new lens!) so I'm hoping to just rest for most of the day.

New Stuff
~complete Tamron rebate for my new lens. (Still haven't really used it. Didn't want to have a camera slung around my still tender neck.)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

This and That.

Well, I'm feeling okay now. Back is still sore and all but, the cramps are down to only a few a day. Thank goodness!

I hope Mickey never says firetruck, frog or socks around my grandmother or someone really easily offendable. :D

I have been checking every day to make sure that my lens is still scheduled to come on Monday. Pathetic I know, but I'm really excited to get it.

I even told the UPS driver on Friday that I would see him on Monday. He and I joke about how he's misdelivered a few of my packages.

I got some maternity clothes from Old Navy on Friday and they were all too big. Well, the pants were. The shirts were good enough size-wise but one was super blah and the other two were waaaaay to low cut for my taste!

We went over to my sister-in-laws today to bring snacks to the workers. Andrew's folks are moving a little manuf home out there and it's causing all sorts of headaches. Mickey found some roller thing (I think it measures distance, it looks like the thing that chalks the lines on soccer fields.) If it's got wheels, or even a wheel, my little dude is all over it. He was zooming around his little stuffed animals as a baby and we knew it was time for a toy car!

Friday, October 10, 2008

We're Okay....

...but, we got rear-ended on Wednesday. It was about 4:30 in the afternoon and a gal hit a guy who hit me. I had my mom and little man in the car. Fortunately, it was in a 30 mile an hour zone and it's just down the hill from the main branch of the Women's Clinic I go to. Also very fortunately, my mom was there. Because, well, I got hysterical. I just couldn't stop crying for a while. I could talk a bit but couldn't stop the crying. I was able to calm down when I realized that Mickey (who was a champ!) was starting to get a little worried looking. After Mom got all the info (something I'd have had her do anyway as my handwriting is awful even when I'm not freaking out) everyone started taking pictures with their cell phones.

Which finally made me start to think on my own and realize that I had my camera with me and could take much better pics than with a cell.

I had called Andrew while my mom was calling 911 (no one was hurt and we were all able to get off the road so they didn't send anyone) and told him I was okay (still couldn't stop crying) and that if he could come home early, I'd really appreciate it. Then, once I was calmer, I called the clinic to see if they could fit me in for a heartbeat check. They could and they did and we heard a heartbeat. 140 beats per minute. It did take a while to find though, as the battery on the first Doppler turned out to be fading and it stopped working after a few minutes. New Doppler and a few more minutes and finally she found it. Longest 5-10 minutes ever!

We headed home after a stop at MickeyD's as she was feeling a little faint. With Mom and I the motto is when in doubt, it must be time to eat! I was sore and stiff and my right side and chest hurt when we got home. Then, I woke up at 3:00 am with some mild cramping that lasted a few hours. Yep, no sleep for the rest of that night. LOL! So, I called the women's clinic and they called me back and then I told them that since I'd talked to them, I'd had more cramps. So, they had to go talk to someone else and call me back...again. Heh! Anyway, yesterday was full of phone calls with insurance companies, doctors, auto shops, etc... And, a trip to the auto shop, police dept, and Mickey's doctor. Little dude is fine, just a bit fussier and clingier, and I have to keep an eye out for any bruises that may show up.

Anyway, today is my turn to get checked out and I've got an appointment with my GP today. Oh, and I have to fill out my accident report and turn it into the DMV today. Since 911 didn't send anyone all three of us have to fill out reports...cause I don't have enough to do! Heh! Oh, and if I have any energy left I really need groceries and to clean up the kitchen. Clean dishes are a good thing!

Oh, and one more thing. Getting hit while pregnant is terribly scary and I don't recommend it to anyone. But, the one upside is that as soon as they find out you are pregnant, everyone's tone changes. They go from polite to downright helpful and really concerned. I was told an insurance person (one of many) would call in about 24 hours but that since I was pregnant it would probably be a few hours. They called 30 minutes later. Yep, extreme customer service, people!

Monday, October 6, 2008

My Weekend, in Reverse!

Since yesterday was my birthday, we went out to breakfast at the Top O' Hill Restaurant with my granny. I ate waaaay too much but, I figured since I found out I lost .8 of a pound at my last doctor's appointment, I could splurge a little on my b-day!

After breakfast we went over to Andrew's sister's house. We hung out at Kathy's for a few hours and then headed back home to take some naps. I wasn't feeling too hot (kinda dizzy) so we ended up going to the grocery store for dinner. I got some yummy Tillamook cheddar cheese and some sourdough bread (my fav) to go with the tomatoes Kathy gave me. It doesn't sound very exciting but, it's one of my very favorite meals. I'm a simple gal!!! :D

Oh, you want to know what I got for my b-day??? I thought you did! On Saturday, Mickey and I visited Andrew at the Albany Home Show (his company had a booth there) and brought him some lunch and checked the place out. I told him that I'd bought Mickey's b-day present (a toddler-proof digital camera) and he asked me if I'd bought myself a present. I told him that what I wanted was like $300.00 and I didn't really want anything else except a few books. So, he told me to get the $300.00 lens that I wanted!!! I ordered it Saturday night and it should be here a week from today!!! It's the Tamron 18-75mm 2.8 lens and I couldn't be more thrilled!

Friday was my most recent doctor's appointment and my first one with an OB instead of a midwife. I had to wait in that little room in nothing other than a stupid gown and my socks for FORTY-FIVE minutes!!! Oh, and if that isn't bad enough, I had Mickey with me! Yep, a soon to be two year old trapped in a tiny room with not much to do for FORTY-FIVE minutes! Fortunately, I had brought a ton of toys and books for him to play with and he is seriously very good for almost two. He wasn't his normal great self because he'd only napped for 20 minutes that day but, he was really good all considered. I however, was super cranky. No nap for me, no food in quite a while and I almost got to the point where I was going to order pizza to be delivered to the doctor's office!

The doctor finally arrived and I had my oh-so-wonderful checkup and talked to her a little about the pregnancy and my history. It went well but I wasn't super thrilled with the doc. I have to call today to schedule my next appointment and I think I'll try a different doc. I had a wonderful rapport with the doctor that we used when we were pregnant with Mickey and I have the same relationship with my general practitioner and my dentist. So, I want that same connection with whomever I work with on this current pregnancy. Since they have seven docs there, I should be able to find someone, don't you think?

That about covers our weekend from Sunday back through Friday afternoon. Thanks for checking it out and don't tell Granny her picture is here!!! She'll have a bird! LOL! :D