Friday, July 17, 2015

Meet my chicks!

Lately, one of the "something elses" in my life has been getting chickens! I've wanted them for years and finally got them! It only took Audrey winning two at the school carnival to make that happen. Andrew couldn't say no to her! ;)

This is Alexis, one of our Barred Rocks.

The fluffy butt belongs to Al Bundy who was originally Aleia until a couple family members said they thought he was a boy. Turns out Al is our first hen! She's been laying quite regularly the last week and no one else has. LOL!!!  The Barred Rock in the back is Midnight. Al is our other Cuckoo Maran.

Princess Marshmallow, aka Marsha, our alpha chicken is our lone Light Brahma. The other three are our other Easter Eggers. Dida, the one is front just started squatting for me today so I'm hoping she'll start laying soon. Wilma and Biddie are hiding in the back.

The three "babies". Two Easter Eggers, Pearl and Twinkles, and a Cuckoo Maran, Sweetie. Audrey and I went into the farm store just to "look" and we saw Pearl, a white Easter Egger. I was over the moon! Aud said that I should get her and I said that dad wouldn't like that. Her response? "I'll call Daddy and tell him it was my idea." 
He wound up saying yes and suggested we get two! So, we got three. I mean, Mickey needed one, too right? Poor Andrew.

And, Lilly. She's half Great Dane and half Standard Poodle and only interested in the chickens for their poop! :lol:

So, that's our flock! Pearl, Dida, Biddie and Wilma are mine. Midnight and Sweetie belong to my son. Twinkles and Al Bundy are my daughters. She also had a Rhode Island Red named Vidia but she died after eating weeds sprayed by Round Up. Marsha belongs to my neighbor and Alexis belongs to her daughter. They live across the street backing up to an air strip and can't have livestock so they live with us.

I'm still scrapping but just haven't been posting. I want to but just haven't made photographing layouts a priority. I mean, when I have such cute chickens to photograph, who can blame me?