Tuesday, March 31, 2009

You think I'd be able to tell by now...

...but, I ended up going to the hospital to get checked today because I thought that my water might have broken. Well, it didn't. LOL! Yep, I'm embarrassed. And, to make it worse, I did the same darn thing with Mickey!

Oh, and I'm pretty much not driving anymore as of today. I got dizzy in the shower today and again at the Fred Meyer check out line and the Safeway check out line. This also happened with Mickey so it's not a huge surprise but it is a bit of an inconvenience.

The one good thing about this is that it made me realize how much I really do still need to get done. I've got Mickey's monster cold so I don't have a ton of energy but I'm hoping to make a nice list of thing to delegate (Andrew, my nephew Kevin, Mom???) and stuff that I can get done here.

And, since I've been pretty bad about posting pics lately...here's a great shot of my father-in-law. He came over a few days before we moved to help us load up some stuff. I seriously love this shot of him. :)

Have a good one! :D

Monday, March 30, 2009

Staying put today...

...because Little Man has a monster cold.

We had a family/maternity shoot yesterday and it was fun but cold. I met a really cool gal on 2Peas and since she lives in the next town over (well, from Canby anyway) she volunteered to take some belly shots for us. I can't wait to get some to show you. She e-mailed me a few low res ones just to give me a sneak peek and there are some really cute ones in there!

The only downside to yesterday (besides the cold) was that Mickey had started coughing on Saturday and if a certain deadline wasn't totally creeping up on us, I would have postponed the shoot. Now little dude has a full on cold, runny nose, cough and everything. He still is happy and playing though so I'm not too concerned. He is very snuggly though and I'm hoping that either I don't get his cold at all or I get it right away and get over it before the baby comes. Labor with a cold just doesn't sound like a good time at all! LOL!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


The bigger I get, the less I get done! LOL!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'm Back! (The quick rundown)

And, I'm still pregnant. :D Tomorrow, I'll be 37 weeks.

Andrew and I are no longer homeowners. (It took two weeks longer than expected though!)

Audrey's room is coming along well. I do need to get her room painted though. I can't do it unless I wait until after she's here so it probably won't get done until then. (Andrew hates painting.)

Mickey adjusted to his big boy bed quite well. Night time is fairly easy and nap time takes a little more time but he stays in his room!!! :D

I still have some random boxes floating around the house. Especially in the dining area there's a stack that needs to go back in storage. Oh, and there is nothing on the walls!

I'm staying at my mom's almost every Thursday night because my appointments are on Fridays and I don't like to drive there and back in one day. Also, I miss her!

The photography "job" I had on the 28th went well. I was there for a couple of hours and got almost 300 pictures. Finished editing them last night and got 133 good ones burned on CD. Feels good to have that done! :)

I got to go to CKC-Portland on Friday. Mom, Mickey and I went. He was really good considering how long we were there. He wound up pushing his umbrella stroller himself and was really good about listening to us so he didn't bump into anyone. I got the CK KOTM foam stamp set I'd been wanting forever and a bunch of other fun stuff.

My LSS Scrapbook Attack went out of business! It was a total bummer since they are so nice and have a wonderful selection. They are going to keep an online kit club and continue teaching classes and having crops. Just no store front.

When we got internet service, I had 600 Google Reader posts to go through and 200+ e-mails to check!!!

I made a huge list for moving and pre-baby stuff and I've made a lot of progress on it. I think I need to rewrite it though and add some more stuff and prioritize before Audrey gets here!

I missed you all! I hope you are all well out there in Blogland! LOL!