Tuesday, October 23, 2012

He's Six!!!

My little miracle man, Mickey, is six years old! His birthday was this weekend but as I got strep throat, we had to move his party back a week. Needless to say, he was a tad disappointed! He's such a sweetie that he forgave me quickly though. He even talked his dad into buying me my favorite chips at the store when they were there getting more rice and cottage cheese for the also sick dog. (Yeah, it was a great weekend at our house. :::eyeroll::: ) I love that little boy so much!
Here are some of my favorite recent layouts featuring...Little Man!!!


 And, here's the front of the invite for his birthday this year.  I made it with pictures of six of his favorite things right now.  Angry Birds, pizza, Transformers (specifically Bumblebee), Hot Wheels, Star Wars (we're watching the movies together), and Legos are a few of his favorite things right now.  He's also really big into sports (just like Daddy!) and super heros!

He's also doing really well in school and loving it, too!  I help out once a week or so in his class and he works so hard in class and understands so much, it makes me so happy!  He's really into trying to read and I can hear him in the back seat of the car sometimes, sounding out the words to his latest library book. 
Happy Birthday, Mickey!  I love you so much!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Kah-Nee-Ta Punky Sprouts Album

Hey guys! This month we at Punky Sprouts are swapping with our very own Joscie!!! She's got an adorable line of flair that you can purchase in either foam backed, magnet backed or pin backed! You can see them all here at her store called bossyJoscie. This month we are also showcasing the new embossing powders available in the Punky store.
I created my album using most of the rest of my Trunk Punky album. I still have one more piece left and you'll see that later this month. ;)
I love using the Lacy Lil' Blossoms, they make fantastic mats for my photos and titles. And, the new Lil' Seeds, custom dyed buttons, are awesome! I've got a few of them sprinkled throughout my album as well.
The adorable star flair worked really well with the theme of my album and I just adore the colors!
Here's a close up of the embossing powder I used. It's called Angel Wings Gold. I love how it looks on the canvas!
Joscie's flair also has fun sayings like love you and you are made of awesome. How perfect for my little man! :)

This page below also uses the embossing powder. The trick to using embossing powder on canvas is to not heat it too much the first time you heat it. Just enough to start to melt but not enough to let it soak in. Then you can pour more on while it's still warm and melt that layer more thoroughly.
I love these two photos on the right of my kiddos being brave and dunking their heads under water so I used a my fave flair along with a this is awesome sticker. :)
On the back page I've got all my journaling and more Lil' Blossoms-Lacy and another super cute flair!

Seriously, peeps!  You have got to get yourself some BossyJoscie flair.  I have to admit that I owned a ton of it before this swap and I'm looking forward to getting more.  Mama needs more colors!  ;)

Supplies used:
Punky Sprouts: Trunk Punky Mini Album, Lil' Blossoms - Lacy, Lil' Seeds. Available here!

BossyJoscie Products: Made of Awesome Flair, On Target Flair Mix, Love You Flair, Fancy Star Flair Mega Pack. Available here!

Other: Lindy's Embossing Powder-Angel Wings Gold. Available here!
Patterned Paper-Echo Park, Stickers-Echo Park, Stamps-Cocoa Daisy

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Loving Every Minute of it!!!

This little girl has been waiting for school for such a long time, and now that it's here...she's loving it!!!
 She's making new friends,
enjoying new games,

learning new things,

 and thriving!

School is such a wonderful thing for her!  I hope she always feels this way about school and learning.