Friday, August 21, 2015

WITL Day 3 (VERY Photo Heavy)


Oooooh, today was another I don't want to get out of bed day. My 3:45 alarm got snoozed so much that it was 4:30 before I got to the gym! The only thing that really motivated me was the fact that I'm so close to finishing my book and I only let myself read it at the gym. While I was getting ready, I saw that I still had some teal hair chalk in my hair. Totally made me smile.

Mickey was awake when I got home so I got some snuggles in with him...until we were interrupted by Lilly. Then, everyone said goodbye to Daddy, the three of us are going to the beach without him so we won't see him until Thursday night.

I climbed back into bed and snuggled with Audrey before falling asleep. Then after I made my bed and my got my breakfast ready, I took some pics of things I needed to do but have still put off. Like finish cleaning the master bath and clearing off my scrap desk. Ah, well. It will still be there when we get back.


11:45-We're off! We get gas and some snacks for the heathens at Lone Elder Store. It's a little gas station/store out in the country near us. I have some healthier snacks that I made myself. Can't undo all this morning's efforts right away!


We make one stop, at the newish Craft Warehouse in Cedar Hills. I'd never been there and it was only a few minutes off course. We shop a bit and take a potty break before we get back on the road.


2:30-We're here! We stop at the Visitor's Center to gather some pamphlets and to ask the best beach/parking area for us. After parking at the Tolovana access area, the kiddos agree to my suggestion to walk to Haystack Rock. They were really impressed with it's size and had a lot of fun running down the beach with only a few stops for mom to take pictures. On our walk back, there is more running, more pictures, and more stops to look at stuff in the sand.



They want to play on the beach near where we parked so we spend about a half an hour there. They are digging a hole and jumping over the little inlet. I'm watching them and laughing, and taking more pictures. I suggest a little playtime on the playground equipment next to the parking lot and they go nuts. They also knock off most of the sand from the beach this way. We get the rest off with a liberal dose of baby powder. (Thank you, Pinterest.)

We headed to downtown Cannon Beach to do some shopping. Momma needed some candy so our first destination was Bruce's Candy Kitchen. We got distracted by a toy store and Audrey found Wolfie! She'd lost the original Wolfie over a year ago so this new white Arctic Fox Wolfie was a good replacement. Mickey was a little bummed at first that he wasn't getting anything but I reminded him that it was our first stop.

After we bought a nice candy stash, including salt water taffy, we walked to Fultano's to eat dinner. There's a Fultano's here in Canby so the kids were excited to eat at another one! We got a medium Hawaiian and took the rest with us to have for breakfast tomorrow. We walked back to Bess and drove to our little motel in Seaside.


We find our motel and check in. I was a little worried, when you get the cheapest place in town, you sometimes get the nastiest. Fortunately, this wasn't the case. It was small and not new but very clean. Phew! I got us a king sized bed because the kids are still of an age where they like to sleep with me in strange places. For being so cheap (about $110 including tax) it was really close to downtown and it had a pool!

We walked to the carousel shopping center and went to the Candyman Wants You store first. Yes, another candy store and not our last. We rode the carousel after that. Aud rode an aqua seahorse that I would have totally picked out at her age. Heck, I'd like to have ridden it today! Mickey found a reindeer that he liked the look of and I picked a horse in the row between the two of them.


It was when we were getting pennies smashed at the machines at the carousel that I realized, we forgot to smash pennies in Cannon Beach! I'd made of list of all the machines in Seaside and Cannon Beach and we had bags with enough quarters and pennies for all of them! We decided we'd try and go back sometime tomorrow. After smashing pennies, we picked up penny books for both kiddos as I already had one. Then, we checked out the toy store and Mickey found a toy. It's his dream car! A blue Ford pick up. He'd really like one with a canopy like Daddy's truck has but this is close enough (in his words). On our walk back to the hotel we snapped pics with the Seaside sign.

8:00-Next we drove to Safeway to get drinks for the morning and I found some glasses for the house and a cool aqua veggie tray...all half off! We also got some mini Dreyers ice cream cups for dessert. Mickey got chocolate, Aud got strawberry, and I had vanilla. I'd rather of had their salted caramel but they were out. Boo! Back in our room, we ate our ice cream and then changed to go swimming. It was a tiny pool but warm enough for me to hang out and paddle around while they played. They loved every second of it and I loved watching them. We stayed until it closed at 10:00 and then snuggled in to sleep. It was a glorious day!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

WITL Day 2


4:15-Hit the snooze button a few times this morning. I'm hoping to catch up on sleep today, it's going to be a fun one and I'm excited! Aud heard me and woke up enough to give me some snuggles and then climbed in my bed to keep it warm while I headed to the gym.

First one there this morning. I really like being there without anyone else. I'm a bit self conscious at the gym. I do just cardio this morning on my usual elliptical machine. I am a creature of habit and I tend to be more consistent working out if I have to think less while doing it. So, headphones on playing music and a good book are necessary!

5:45-Home. Lilly greets me at the door. I try to shush her, she has the world's loudest, squeakiest yawn and I don't want her to wake up Andrew and Mickey on the couch. Tuck the little girl back in and give her a kiss. Blogged about yesterday...go me!

Quick breakfast of toast with an over easy egg (double yolker!) and sliced tomato. The egg is from our chickens and the tomato from our "garden". So awesome! The bread, well, that's from Costco. Gotta keep it real. Dinking around on the computer for a bit and find another Oregonian to follow! Yay!!! Now it's shower time!

Shower done, followed by a 45 minute nap. There will definitely be another nap later today. It's going to be 99 today (!) so I want to be up for the cooler morning. Thank goodness our house has air conditioning. Mickey slept super late, he said it was so he was nice and rested for the fair.

Now both kids are doing their morning chores and I've gotten ready for the fair too. Mickey and I talked and decided that we'll check out how our stuff did first and then decide based on the temp to either go outside or do the rest of the inside stuff. I've got six scrapbook layouts in the fair and the kids have some Lego projects. It's their first time in the fair and I can't wait to see how they do!


9:50-We park behind the fair for free. That's one of the bonuses of having the county fair in your town, you know where to park without having to pay. It's $9 for me and free for the kids today. We headed straight to the Hobby Hall to check out our entries. Mickey got a first and a third on his Legos. Audrey got a first, a second, and a third. I got four firsts, including best of class, and two seconds. We got ribbons on everything we entered! The kiddos were so excited!

Then the kiddos wanted to check out Safety Town. They love this little town and I'm sad that they'll probably outgrow it by next year. Physically outgrow it. Aud's feet were touching the ground when she was pedaling and Mickey was in the biggest car they had. :)

Next up was something I'd been looking forward to for months...we went to buy a goat!!! Our goat, Cleatus, is awesome and really, he needs a friend. He's so low maintenance that Andrew said he was cool with us getting another one. Our friend Lamont has an awesome goat so we decided to buy one from the same gal. She's a relative of his and in the local 4-H so it's a good thing all the way around. We picked out a sweet young girl and are going to name her Daisy. They'll deliver her after the fair is over. Did I mention I'm so excited?!?!?!?! I love having animals. We've got a dog, a cat, four Bettas, ten chickens, and two goats. Sigh. All the happy feels. :)

Since it's going to be so hot, I figured doing the rides next was our best option. They are out in a huge field with no shade on the north end of the fairgrounds. I bought 40 tickets for $20 and as the rides are 9-10 tickets each, the heathens got to pick two rides a piece. Aud wanted to ride the motorcycles but they didn't have them this year so she went with the airplanes and Mickey rode, too. Then, after some deliberations, Mickey chose the dragon roller coaster and they both went on that as well. I love that they wanted to go together. It's so sweet...and it means getting out of the sun sooner. ;)

11:15-We were getting hungry and decided to beat the crowds and get lunch before all the shaded tables filled up. Corn dogs at the fair are one of my all time favorites and worth getting my tuckus to the gym at four in the morning for. The heathens had the same and we shared my water. $3.50 each and $1 for the water meant $11.50 for lunch and $12.50 left in my pocket.

One thing on Audrey's wish list was to go on the pony ride so we hunted it down. Fortunately, they moved it from the last time I went and it was in the shade. This was a very good thing because there was actually a line at this time. Mickey decided he wanted to ride as well and at $6 a ride, we were down to fifty cents. I'd started with more but paid $50 to the goat girl to hold our goat for us. She didn't ask but I thought it was the right thing to do. We'll pay her the other $50 next time we see her. Anyway, I let the kids know that we were out of cash so sno-cones and kettle corn would have to wait. 

After the pony ride, which they both loved, we meandered around the fair for a bit. We checked out the chickens and the rabbits, watched a juggler perform, looked at the rest of the Hobby Hall and Aud and I got our hair chalked. Aqua for me and pink for her, of course. By this time we were hot and thirsty and broke so we left for home.

1:30-Once home, we all got water and snacks and I checked on the chickens. Four eggs today, we've had five in a day before and I can't wait for our first six egg day! I looked through the fair photos on my phone and my camera and then took my delayed and much needed nap. I woke up to the heathens misbehaving so they got a whole list of chores to do while I blog. Now they have decided to scrapbook and I need to figure out dinner. Back in a while!


Dinner ended up being ham and cheese sandwiches. Really yummy with Tillamook Cheddar and really easy. Andrew's friend Ron came over and they talked a bit about football and state populations.

I caught Audrey in the bathroom putting glittery lip balm on her My Little Ponies. I thought it was funny, she didn't. I opened up the package from Amazon that came today...silverware! Woot! Another four places to match our set. I love that I'm still able to order the same style even though we got married ten years ago. After Ron left, the kids and I started packing up for tomorrow. We're heading to the coast for two days! I'm so looking forward to this trip! I took a bath to soak an injured toenail and did some planning while in the tub.

We are going to have a blast tomorrow! Now, it's off to bed.