Saturday, January 7, 2017

Less...and More.

Hey all! This year I've made the decision to sign up for Ali Edward's One Little Word workshop. It's a year long course that helps you focus and touch base with your guiding word for the year. (If you want more info on One Little Word, check it out and join in if you'd like!) 

In years past I've had Brave, Light, Happy, and Focus as my words. I think Achieve and Create have been in the mix as well. They've met with mixed levels of success. Light and Focus kind of sucked for me while Brave and Happy have been my favorites!

This year my word is Less. I want Less stuff in my home. I want Less pounds on my frame. I want Less doubt about my self worth because of too much of the two previous things. I want my relationships to be Less affected by my concerns. I want to procrastinate Less. I'm hoping Less of the things I don't want in my life will equal More of the things that I do.

I want More time to create. More time and desire and ability to hang out with my family and friends at a moment's notice. (Or at least 5 minutes notice.) I want More confidence in my appearance. I want to be More of a good roll model for my children.

So, here's to 2017 and hoping that Less equals More! 
(More blogging, too!)

~What's your word?~
~Are you taking Ali's workshop?~
~Do you miss blogs, too?~