Sunday, March 21, 2010

Some Cards for AWDML

This first card is made using just cardstock and a pen. It was for my nieces' 16th birthday and I used the requirements from Lisa's Day 3 challenge for the 80's crop. Her challenge for this one was to use black and white and at least one bright color. I doodled the heck out of this bad boy! :)

Remember, you have until the end of this month to complete all of the challenges and be entered to win a prize from our featured manufacturers!

These next few cards were all made using the Gizmos and Gears stamp set from Lizzie Anne Designs. Lizzie Anne Designs is one of the featured manufacturers for AWDML this month and they are all 25% off!

Mickey loves the train one. The wheels actually turn on it. He keeps wanting to carry it around the house! LOL!
These little trains on the inside and the large one on the front were cut using my Slice and the Big Kids design card.
I wet embossed this happy little fellow. It was fun to dig out the heat gun again! :)

This robot was done using a paper piecing technique. You can read about it here at the AWDML Design Team Blog.

This last little robot card is my favorite. I've ventured into the world of alcohol ink markers and I think I like it! He's the first thing I've colored with my new pens and I adore him!

And finally, this card uses Bella Blvd patterned paper. Bella Blvd is our other featured manufacturer for the month and is also 25% off.

I think that this tree paper is my favorite out of all the Bella Blvd papers. I just love trees!

Thanks for looking! :D

Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Craft Room: The Window Wall

See, I told you I'd post more soon! I actually wrote this bad boy right after yesterday's post and scheduled it for this morning. :) I wasn't actually up at 6:00 am! Well, I might have been but I was feeding the baby and then going straight back to sleep. LOL!

Okay, so now we are onto the window wall.
This area right here is number one on my list to revamp. The kitchen cart has my stash of Thickers in that little aqua basket on the bottom. The rest of it is my TV and videos. I gotta watch something while I'm scrappin'! The paper boxes to the left have my Stampin' Up! stamp sets in them. They need purging and Craig's Listing something fierce! The white IKEA cardboard drawers have projects in each drawer. Oh, and a drawer for duplicates for giveaways. :)
The little chest to the left of that has my wood mounted non-SU stamps and the clear stamp pad holders above it are from either Staples or Office Max/Depot's clearance area years ago!

Now this is one of my favorite pieces! It was $25.00 at a garage sale and I didn't change a thing about it. It was already black with those cute knobs! :) The drawers are about 5" high by 7" wide by 14" deep. Perfect for scrapbooking stuff! The bottom four drawers have punches, the top two left side ones have my bind-it-all stuff, and the top three right drawers have my QK stuff. There are two drawers with buttons, one with glitter, and the other two have embellishments from Basic Grey in one and American Crafts/7 Gypsies/My Mind's Eye in the other.
On top of it are more QK dies and a cute photo holder from Making Memories that I got at Target on clearance. It's actually only got the one photo in it right now! LOL!

Ugh! This is one of those ugly little corners that I don't know what to do with. My Sizzlets live here. I don't have a Sizzix or even a Cuttlebug to use them with but I had to get the darn things anyways. I paid between 6 and 10 bucks each for them! I'm thinking I may be able to use them with my Revolution if I use one of the skinnier mats instead of the cutting mat. My aqua Bind It All bag lives on top of them. It's so pretty that I overlook the fact that I never put my Bind It All in it! Heh!
You can also kind of see a black organizer up against the wall. It's one of those yucky colored ones in the hardware section. I painted it black and now it's much nicer. I actually have a home in mind for it, unlike those darn Sizzlet alphas! Right in front of that is my Revolution in it's cute little case. Still working on a permanet place for him, too. :D
Okay, that's it for now! One more section left and then the planning post!
Thanks for staying with me, folks! :D

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

More Craft Room! (The far wall)

So, I've decided I really need to get on the ball and finish showing you my craft room.

Mainly, because I just added a new piece to it so now all the info you see (well not all) is out of date. LOL!

So this is the far wall. It's what I face when I'm scrappin' away in my little haven. The smaller wood bookcase has all my magazines and books, along with a few canvas pieces on the bottom three shelves. The top two shelves contain ephemera, memorabila and some inspiration stuff. That section is really not so pretty to look at and needs some purging and some pretty containers. But, as I am hoping that this piece isn't permanent, that will have to wait.

The larger white shelf is original to the scrap room (aka, former master closet) and is actually in the same place as it was for the previous owners. This fact drives the hubby nuts as he removed the shelf, I painted every wall, he fixed the gap in the moulding left by the piece and then had to remove that piece of moulding to put the shelf right back where it had been. Oops, sorry honey! :D

So, the bottom three shelves on this bad boy contain all my sewing stuff. Sewing machine, crochet stuff, cross stitch stuff, fabric and notions all live here. The next two shelves are all of my printed photos. The very top shelf has my DMC floss in gingerbread jars and four little boxes of random scrappy stuff.

On top of both shelving units are some more gingerbread jars with my foam stamps in them. The jars are actually from my wedding. We had a "candy bar" with light green and white candies. I loved that even though I didn't get to eat that much candy that day. ;)

On the floor to the left of my shelves is an old laundry basket that used to belong to my great-grandmother. It has more fabric and a bag of batting. My good old (emphasis on old) ironing board hangs on the wall above it. I have a love/hate relationship with that ironing board. I love it because it's old and a hand-me-down and I love the cute Martha Stewart cover I put on it. I hate it because I cannot iron for beans!!! Seriously, I ironed a t-shirt for ten minutes and the second I put it on the hanger, wrinkle city!! My husband, he's a pro. He can iron anything. I swear he thinks I only pretend to not be able to iron so he'll do it for me but, honestly, I just suck at it!

Now this lovely little table is for sewing and guests. It's just a cheapo folding table and a lonesome little chair. The four white boxes between it and the wall contain mini albums, bulky alphabets, more mini albums and alphabet stamp sets. This is the area that got a new piece recently and not the one I had originally planned.

Okay, so that's all for now. I promise I'll try to get the rest of this up sooner than later. I'm also planning a post that tells you what my plans were/how they changed/what they are now. :)

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Remember to wear your green and, if you can, drink some Guiness for me! :D

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Our Living Room

I realized when I posted yesterday about Aud's new chair, that I never showed you all my new living room decor!

Here's the room before. These first pics are at Mickey's birthday party last October. But, you can pretty much see the beat up couch, garage sale coffee table and so-so rug. What you can't see is the cat scratches on the right side of the couch and the impossible to get off butterflies and flowers painted in lurid pink and green on the coffee table. (Hey, it was $4.00!)

And, the far wall with it's tealish forest green accent wall and mismatched chairs on either side of the table. The wall color didn't go with anything else in the room and it was so dark that it made our longish living room look very long and very narrow.

Now for the after! :)
We found the couch on Valentine's Day and Andrew was cool with the apple green color of the pillows which I wanted to go with that awesome rug. I'd been coveting that bad boy on Craig's List for a while. So, we picked up the couch on Sunday and on Monday, my mom and I drove down to Salem and bought the rug. Oh, and Mom talked me into buying the ottoman instead of repainting the coffee table and I'm so glad I did it!

And, here's the other end of the room. Andrew went to an overnight convention for work and while he was away, I painted the wall a color called Hen House and bought the wing back chairs off of, you guessed it, Craig's List! I'd seriously wanted them for months! I also took the casters off the lawyers case on the right which lowered it enough to allow me to move the stereo off the table. Devo's dog bed is under the table and I did buy some brown fleece to make him a new, coordinating blanket. ;) I also need to find some apple green candles for the mantle and hang a few more things on the wall but I've got time.
So much better, don't you think?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I've Been Painting!

I bought a Little Tykes chair at a thrift store for a couple of bucks and thought it would be cute for Audrey. Well, it wasn't cleaning up very nicely. Even with the magic of the Magic Eraser, it still looked dingy. So, I grabbed my plastic spray paint and went to town.

Before, dirty pink.

After, hammered metallic brown.

I think this will look very cute in our new living room! :D

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Another 80's Challenge, Dude!

This is my last challenge for the A Walk Down Memory Lane I Love the 80's crop. :)

You in the 80's

We never seem to scrap ourselves enough so this challenge is all about you! Well, more correctly, it's all about you in the '80's. Create a layout using a picture of you in the '80's. Were you a brain, an athlete, a princess, a basket case or a criminal? (Name that movie!!!) We can't wait to see you in all your 1980's glory!

Patterned Paper-Bella Blvd, Cardstock-Bazzill, Flowers-Bella Blvd, Die cut & Letters-Slice, Punch-EK Success

Journaling reads~Late Bloomer, Ugly Duckling, whatever you want to call it, that's what I was. Awkward and shy, insecure about my appearance and completely ignored by boys, I was a little nerdling. I was rocking the huge glasses, bad hair and I had no fashion sense whatsover! I'd like to go back and tell myself that it's almost time. That next summer I'll outgrow the glasses, grow out my hair and get a cute perm, and start wearing better clothes. That, next year in school, the transformation will be so extreme not only will my teachers and classmates not recognize me, some of my family won't either! But, I'm glad I didn't know it was coming, it was such a wonderful surprise!

(Check out that pic of me from the 7th grade! Was I a hottie or what? LOL!)

Anyway, there's still time to join in as you have until the end of the month to get your projects in.
Oh, and I've got a word jumble game over on the forums too. You want to check that one out as the winner will be drawn at random and right now, there's a really, really good chance that you'll be picked. LOL!

Friday, March 5, 2010

11 Months and a Challenge!

Miss Thing turned 11 months old yesterday. It is seriously starting to freak me out now. It's going by so fast.

She has her first word now, "Hi!". She has said mama and dada before but has only repeated it to us, she hasn't used it on her own or in context. On Tuesday, she started using "hi" when I'd walk into her room to get her after naps or when Andrew would get her out of her car seat when they got to the store. It's pretty awesome! She also doesn't just flatly say hi, it's more of a lilting sing-song sort of thing. Really cute!

She stands up in the middle of the room and will take anywhere from 3-6 steps on her own. She still prefers crawling as she is a ridiculously fast crawler. She thuds down the hall like an elephant on it's way to a two ton pile of peanuts.

Okay, enough about Baby Girl, I've got some scrappiness for you! I posted my first challenge for the A Walk Down Memory Lane crop on the DT Blog and in the forums. It's called the Ultimate 80's Girl.

The ultimate 80's girl always had perfectly poofed mall bangs, a rockin' side pony tail and color coordinated stacked socks to go with her every outfit.

Here's your challenge: Create a project with ruffles (mall bangs), layers (stacked socks) and is asymetrical (side pony). You can make anything, card, tag, layout, minibook whatever your Brat Pack worshipping heart desires as long as it has the above three elements.

Here's my take on the Ultimate 80's girl!

I'm, like, totally excited to see what you create!

Monday, March 1, 2010

AWDML 80's Crop!

Join us for the A Walk Down Memory Lane "I Love the 80's" Crop!

It starts today and runs through the 10th with a new challenge given every day! You have until the end of this month to complete your projects and each project counts as an entry into a drawing for goodies from the Featured Manufacturers, Bella Blvd and Lizzie Anne Designs!

Here are a couple of layouts I made using Bella Blvd.

Remember, as Featured manufacturers, Bella Blvd and Lizzie Anne Designs are both 25% off this month! Also, keep your eyes peeled on Wednesdays, as Lisa will be offering some cool deals to go along with this crop. :D

Speaking of the store, new stuff has arrived! Get on over and check it out!