Friday, December 4, 2015

Fluoride Fun

I love this layout! This photo just cracks me up and I was so excited to scrap it.

I've always had a hard time working with papers like this, with a large overall design. I really like the design I came up with, it keeps your eye focused on the photo even though it is a crazy busy paper.

I used a Freckled Fawn kit for my embellishments. I bought a few of their kits because I realized that I was quite low on embellishments that would go with lots of different lines. I really like their kits and LOVE the cute bags they come in. They've been really handy in my scraproom.

The title was easy to place, I just set one word above the line of the "chevron" and one below. 

In this little cluster, the A is for Audrey, the 5 is because she's five in this picture, and the heart is because I adore her. :)

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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Hello Love

I'm back with another layout share! This layout was made because I really want to scrap myself more. I have been focusing on that quite a bit lately. Don't get me wrong, I still scrap my kids an insane amount of the time but I make it on to the page more often now.

Anyway, this layout was about a little shoe shopping splurge I did this spring. I had a list of shoes that I was wishing for over the previous summer and as soon as the summer shoes came out this year, I was on them!

I'd been binge watching Shimelle videos and I created my embellishment clusters using her technique of grounding them with a strip of washi tape in each area. It seems a little weird at first because I feel like the washi seems so random but once I add embellishments, it looks great!

I also dug out some rubons (!) and used them on this page. I hadn't used rubons in eons and had these Dear Lizzy gold ones just hanging out in my new stash area. I finally just made myself use them and I forgot how great they are! They really helped make this layout more interesting and more cohesive.

I also got to use one of my beloved pineapple embellishments because the insole of one of my shoes has pineapples on it!!! (That may or may not have had a little to do with my purchasing them.)

Has anyone else used rubons lately? Or am I the only one that kind of moved on from them for a while? I really don't think that I've even seen them offered as an option in product lines lately.

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Monday, November 30, 2015

NSD 2015 Selfie

Uhg. This is one of those layouts that just didn't work out as I envisioned. 

I used all my favorite colors and images. Aqua, pink, pineapples, feathers, cameras, and hearts are all here and yet it just doesn't work.

I do love the center of the layout and my embellishment clusters.

I've loved pineapples since I was a very small child so this new micro-trend of pineapples is making my heart sing with joy!

But this layout just isn't doing it for me! I'm thinking that I needed to use a black as the border for the layout instead of the soft pink. What do you think?

I do like that my hidden journaling has some some current facts about myself. I'm not that great about recording those things, so it feels good to get it scrapped.

All in all, I'm glad I made this layout but I may go back and change a few things. Please tell me I'm not the only one who isn't always in love with their pages? :)

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Friday, November 27, 2015

Girl Time

Hi, all! This is another one of my "I need to clean off my scrap desk/use up my scraps" layouts. Hee!

I used a kraft background on this one. It and white are my go-to backgrounds when I'm not using a patterned paper.

I also used one of my punches! I sometimes get out of the habit of using things and I love it when I "rediscover" them in my stash.

I think this is also the first layout that I'd used ribbon on in a long time. I used to use it on almost every layout but now it's a rarity. I'm glad I used it for this page and I'm going to try to get back into using it more often.

The other thing I used that was out of the ordinary were these gold glitter enamel dots. I don't know why, but I've never been too fond of them. But, with the glitter gold Thickers as a title, it just goes perfectly!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Hello Summer Fun

Hi, all! This layout is from our annual camping trip with an organization that Andrew belongs to for work. It's a very family oriented industry and we've been doing this camp out for years!

This year I was in charge of the kid events and I snapped this pic of my sweet heathens after the sno-cones came out. I knew that the Poolside line from Crate paper would be perfect for it! 

I'd won these papers and embellishments in an online contest from Crate Paper and was soooo excited about it!

The colors are right up my alley and the gold is my kind of gold, not too yellow, not too shiny! Just glittery perfection!

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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

First Egg

Yep, another layout about my chickens. :) We've got ten and I just adore them! This layout was one of those layouts where I took what was on my desk and scrapped with it. 

I spread the journaling out over a few pink rimmed labels. 

I added heart stickers and enamel dots among the journaling to create a flow of embellishment along the right side of the layout.

I also added a few stickers along the right side of the photo to continue that line.

I loved how quickly this layout came about. 

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Friday, October 2, 2015

Chicken Coop

This layout honestly came together because I wanted to use that feather background paper. I just loved it and wanted to be sure that it didn't become one of those papers I hoarded and never used. Because, we all have those papers and then they become papers we don't love instead of layouts.

Since we acquired ten chickens this spring, the logical topic for my layout with a feather background was them. More specifically their coop. 

There were a few different aspects of the coop and it's building that I wanted to cover but they really didn't flow well together so I broke up my journaling into three different areas. 

I really liked this technique and will be using it again. It would have required a lot more space for me to segue into each different topic of the coop and it's building if I'd tried to keep all the journaling together. I tend to get wordy when I'm covering all the bases of a topic. I want it to flow naturally and make sense and all it does is turn into a lot of rambling and the main points get a bit lost and overwhelmed. (Like I'm doing now.)

Most of the products on this page were fairly new, or at least new to me. Except for the chicken that I used for the first word of the title, that's an oldie from Cosmo Cricket. I love that it's a hen, or looks like a hen. Most chicken stuff is roosters and I only have hens! It's another reason why I like feathers so much right now and wanted to use this paper. :)

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Sweet Sleeper

Hello again! This layout came about because of a bunch of scraps on my table. :)

I was cleaning off my desk and had started creating and decided to make use of my scraps and some newer goodies that were living on my desk and hadn't been used yet.

I also dug out a couple mist colors to liven up my kraft cardstock background.

I've tucked the journaling in that super cute woodgrain bag that I'd been holding onto forever.

The journaling card was just a plain gridded card from Project Life that I trimmed to fit and added a tab to.

I loved the softness of this layout and how well it goes with the picture of my sweet Audrey.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I'm a Coffee Lover?

Hey all! I'm back with a bunch of layouts to share. :)

This first one uses the True Stories line from Shimelle that I just love. It also uses a page design from her that I love as well. These colors work so well with my life and the things I photograph. Bright and bold and fun!

I made this layout because I really don't like coffe that much and yet I went though a little phase where I got it quite a few times. 

Of course, since making this layout, I haven't gotten a coffee in about six months. 

I included my age layered on a heart stuck onto a cut out frame tucked next to the journaling. 

There is just a lot of really cute stuff in this line. Papers, stickers, enamel dots, love them all! I think the only thing not from this line are the Thickers!

Hope you enjoyed this page and I'll see you soon!

Friday, August 21, 2015

WITL Day 3 (VERY Photo Heavy)


Oooooh, today was another I don't want to get out of bed day. My 3:45 alarm got snoozed so much that it was 4:30 before I got to the gym! The only thing that really motivated me was the fact that I'm so close to finishing my book and I only let myself read it at the gym. While I was getting ready, I saw that I still had some teal hair chalk in my hair. Totally made me smile.

Mickey was awake when I got home so I got some snuggles in with him...until we were interrupted by Lilly. Then, everyone said goodbye to Daddy, the three of us are going to the beach without him so we won't see him until Thursday night.

I climbed back into bed and snuggled with Audrey before falling asleep. Then after I made my bed and my got my breakfast ready, I took some pics of things I needed to do but have still put off. Like finish cleaning the master bath and clearing off my scrap desk. Ah, well. It will still be there when we get back.


11:45-We're off! We get gas and some snacks for the heathens at Lone Elder Store. It's a little gas station/store out in the country near us. I have some healthier snacks that I made myself. Can't undo all this morning's efforts right away!


We make one stop, at the newish Craft Warehouse in Cedar Hills. I'd never been there and it was only a few minutes off course. We shop a bit and take a potty break before we get back on the road.


2:30-We're here! We stop at the Visitor's Center to gather some pamphlets and to ask the best beach/parking area for us. After parking at the Tolovana access area, the kiddos agree to my suggestion to walk to Haystack Rock. They were really impressed with it's size and had a lot of fun running down the beach with only a few stops for mom to take pictures. On our walk back, there is more running, more pictures, and more stops to look at stuff in the sand.



They want to play on the beach near where we parked so we spend about a half an hour there. They are digging a hole and jumping over the little inlet. I'm watching them and laughing, and taking more pictures. I suggest a little playtime on the playground equipment next to the parking lot and they go nuts. They also knock off most of the sand from the beach this way. We get the rest off with a liberal dose of baby powder. (Thank you, Pinterest.)

We headed to downtown Cannon Beach to do some shopping. Momma needed some candy so our first destination was Bruce's Candy Kitchen. We got distracted by a toy store and Audrey found Wolfie! She'd lost the original Wolfie over a year ago so this new white Arctic Fox Wolfie was a good replacement. Mickey was a little bummed at first that he wasn't getting anything but I reminded him that it was our first stop.

After we bought a nice candy stash, including salt water taffy, we walked to Fultano's to eat dinner. There's a Fultano's here in Canby so the kids were excited to eat at another one! We got a medium Hawaiian and took the rest with us to have for breakfast tomorrow. We walked back to Bess and drove to our little motel in Seaside.


We find our motel and check in. I was a little worried, when you get the cheapest place in town, you sometimes get the nastiest. Fortunately, this wasn't the case. It was small and not new but very clean. Phew! I got us a king sized bed because the kids are still of an age where they like to sleep with me in strange places. For being so cheap (about $110 including tax) it was really close to downtown and it had a pool!

We walked to the carousel shopping center and went to the Candyman Wants You store first. Yes, another candy store and not our last. We rode the carousel after that. Aud rode an aqua seahorse that I would have totally picked out at her age. Heck, I'd like to have ridden it today! Mickey found a reindeer that he liked the look of and I picked a horse in the row between the two of them.


It was when we were getting pennies smashed at the machines at the carousel that I realized, we forgot to smash pennies in Cannon Beach! I'd made of list of all the machines in Seaside and Cannon Beach and we had bags with enough quarters and pennies for all of them! We decided we'd try and go back sometime tomorrow. After smashing pennies, we picked up penny books for both kiddos as I already had one. Then, we checked out the toy store and Mickey found a toy. It's his dream car! A blue Ford pick up. He'd really like one with a canopy like Daddy's truck has but this is close enough (in his words). On our walk back to the hotel we snapped pics with the Seaside sign.

8:00-Next we drove to Safeway to get drinks for the morning and I found some glasses for the house and a cool aqua veggie tray...all half off! We also got some mini Dreyers ice cream cups for dessert. Mickey got chocolate, Aud got strawberry, and I had vanilla. I'd rather of had their salted caramel but they were out. Boo! Back in our room, we ate our ice cream and then changed to go swimming. It was a tiny pool but warm enough for me to hang out and paddle around while they played. They loved every second of it and I loved watching them. We stayed until it closed at 10:00 and then snuggled in to sleep. It was a glorious day!