Wednesday, April 30, 2014

My Ballers and Audrey's First Game!

Yesterday was the first day that my kiddos both had a game. So I had to get a few pictures of the two of them all suited up to play!

First up, we have the loving hug...

then the I'm ready and crazy poses...

and finally, look out MLB here we come!

I also got this one of Little Miss by herself being a little goofy. I'll get a few more of her once she gets her official uniform. She borrowed Mickey's shirt from last year and apparently her team is getting new hats with velcro because these ones are just way too big!

And then, some pretty darn good ones of Little Man.

I love this little guy!!!

Audrey's game was home and Mickey's was away so I had our awesome neighbor (thanks, Brenda!) take Mickey to his game and I took Aud to hers. Andrew had bowling that night so he stopped by her game for a little while. I felt bad for Mickey but it was the right choice. It was Aud's first game and I'd talked to my dad earlier and he said he'd go to Mickey's game and he did. Thanks, Daddy!!!

Speaking of Daddies, I got some cute shots of Aud with hers. 

This one's getting framed! I love their serious "game faces".

As it was her first game, she had to be encouraged to run for first once she hit and then around the rest of the bases when her team hit. It was pretty darn funny, actually!

A team shot!

Congratulating the other team! They were really good and their coach pitched to them. I think I cheered more for them than their parents did! 

All in all, she had fun! I asked her what her favorite part was and she answered all of it! That's a good sign in my book.