Friday, April 30, 2010

And the Award for Best Customer Service from a Manufacturer goes to...

Making Memories!!!

Here's the story.

I won a design card for my Slice on their blog and I chose to have the Vintage Findings card sent to me.

Well, I got an e-mail from them today saying that their distribution center was out of the Vintage Findings card but that they would be sending me a Vintage Findings card with no packaging and a Sock Hop Fonts card for the inconvience.

So, not only are they sending me another card, they took the time to check out my comment from their blog and are sending me the very card that I liked the best out of their new releases!

I love Making Memories!!!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Vote for Audrey!

My layout, Happy Baby, was picked to be on the Making Memories customer idea page.
You can vote every day for your favorite layout by going here. If you like mine the best, please vote for us!
Thanks!!! :D

Friday, April 23, 2010

I Wish Every Day Was Like Today

This morning we had our walk with a friend and we saw a plane take off right next to us. Then, my dad came over and he and Mickey played outside and Mickey ate fresh spinach from our garden like he'd never eaten before. :)

After Aud woke up and ate lunch, we headed out garage sale-ing and scored big at a church rummage sale. I got nine vintage kids chairs, two vintage suitcases, a chalkboard and two paper bags full of misc craft stuff, fabric and a large George Foreman. (I've been wanting a bigger one forever!) All this goodness wound up costing me a whopping $10.00!

We hit McD's for a potty break and picked up some water, apples and a fruit and yogurt parfait (I adore those things!) and headed to the playground. Mickey had a blast with all the random kids and Audrey just loved being able to wander around to her hearts content. She also swang in a baby swing for the first time and loved it! She even figured out how to swing herself! After awhile, she signed "done" and was ready to roam around again.

We headed home and Mom stopped in to oooh and aaaah over my score, especially my four yards of aqua cordouroy. I know, aqua! I'm totally using it to cover my chair cushions in my scrap room.

Now Aud's having a late second nap and we're waiting for Andrew to get back from fishing.

The only bad part about today? I left my camera at home! (I did get pics of Little Man with the spinach though.)

I hope your day was fantastic, too!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Greeting Farm at A Walk Down Memory Lane

Our other featured manufacturer this month is the stamp company The Greeting Farm. I picked up the Surprise Susie set because with Miss Thing's birthday this month, I figured it would come in handy. I'm still working on a project using the stamps relating to her birthday (including thank you, oops!!!) but I thought I'd share the cards that I have made now. :)

I think this little gal standing on the cupcake is my favorite. I cut the card shape wrong and I love it, the rose cardstock behind the patterned paper was too deep but then I colored it with the Copic clear Spica glitter pen and I love it, and I accidentally colored outside the lines on the little girl but then I cut her out and pop-dotted her on the cupcake and, you guessed it, I love it! The fact that she's a strawberry blond like Miss Thing has nothing to do with how much I love it. ;)

I found this ribbon in my stash and loved how it matched her balloons, her outfit and her hair. I know some people are smart and find some ribbon and color to match it but I'm not that quick. LOL! You can barely see it in this picture (it's much darker in real life) but I stamped on the background cardstock with the star that comes with the set in clear embossing ink. This card was fun. I did have a bit of a hard time making the cupcakes stack straight, though. All the frosting is Picket Fence Distress Stickles. I also outlined the edge of the patterned paper in my favorite gel glitter pen. This card is super shiny in the light!

The card above and the three below are a set I made. I think I'm going to give them to my granny for her birthday. She loves sending cards so she loves it when Mom and I make cards for her to give away. :)

I used the Romani line from Basic Grey on all of the cards. I did a different glitter treatment on all the frosting.

Remember, as on of April's featured manufacturers over at AWDML, all The Greeting Farm stamps are 25% off! (We R Memory Keepers is still 25% off, too!)
Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Six Dollars Worth of Sugar...

created this...

The Peep Pride Parade

which led to this! LOL!

I entered my Peep Pride Parade in the 2010 Peep Off on Flickr and I got a Judge's Pick ribbon! Woo-hoo! :D

I don't think I've ever had that much fun with six dollars worth of sugar! ;)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

AWDML DT Reveal! We R Memory Keepers

This month at A Walk Down Memory Lane, the featured manufacturers are We R Memory Keepers and The Greeting Farm.

Here are all the fun things I made with the We R Memory Keepers Explore line. First, a layout about Mickey and my dad and their visits to the creek behind our property. It's appropriately titled, Explore. The light was reflecting horribly off the bradlet but that's what it says. I thought it worked well as the title.

The next layout is all about little man's new bedding that I got for him off of Craig's List. I used my Slice on this one. The Big Kids design card was a great purchase for me!

Oh, and the above layout was based on this sketch that I designed for the April 1st newsletter. My first sketch ever! Yeah, baby! :)
I think this is going to be my favorite project for the month. It's a mini book called "You Say" and it's all about the funny things, mispronunciations, and cute phrases that Mickey says.
Our goat's name is Cleatus but Mickey says "Kleenus", it almost sounds like he's saying Kleenex. :) He calls ice cream sprinkles, "sparkles". So stinkin' cute!

He calls his tricycle with the dumper on the back his "Dump" and his name for my dad is "Papa Maow".
He calls the creek behind our house the "cricket" and he says robot, "Roo-bot" with extra oooo on the first O sound.

When he works outside with Andrew, they say they are going to go "Do Some Things" and his name for my mom is "Ba-bon".
Finally, he calls my grandma, "The Gran". I've got three more pages left and during Aud's party he called the bows on her packages, "Rainbows" so I think that's going to be one of the three. :)
Now, this line, while it has a lot of boy colors (hence, all the Mickey layouts), also worked well for some cute, flowery things. First, a one sheet mini book that I did a tutorial on. You can find it here. It's very photo heavy, just the way I like tutorials! LOL!
I cut out the flowers using my Slice and the flower center is one of WRMK's bradlets.

And, finally, this sweet, flowery card. I think it would be perfect for an anniversary card. The flowers and bling for the gal and the colors and inking for the guy. :)

Thanks for checking out all my projects, and, remember, all We R Memory Keepers and The Greeting Farm products are 25% off this month at AWDML!

Happy Scrappin'! :D

Monday, April 5, 2010

My Craft Room: The Desk Area!

Well, I've saved the best for last! This is my favorite area of the room, my scrap desk area!

It's just to the left as you walk in my scrap room. I've got my Jetmax cubes from Target/Micheals/Craft Warehouse set up behind me and more stuff stashed in my desk itself.

This is my craft desk. I wanted something like the Pottery Barn project table without the $950.00 price tag. I also wanted something that I knew would fit a lot of my scrappy stuff, size wise. So, I picked up two of the IKEA Expedit shelves in the 2x2 configuration to use as my end cases. Then, Andrew and I bought some laminate for the top of my desk and my neighbor, a finish carpenter, made the top for us! (Don't you just love good neighbors?)

The top was built like a tray so it just sets on the Expedits. It's heavy enough that I decided against nailing it down. This makes it easier to move, especially if I decide I want to reconfigure my craft room in the future. My desk top measures 69 1/2" x 33 3/4" giving me a ton of desk top space. It's also deep enough that someone can sit on the other side of my desk and share space. :)

Right now the Expedits hold my albums, some white Walmart boxes that hold specific manufacturer supplies or specific types of supplies. For example, Cosmo Cricket, Fancy Pants, Pink Paislee, clear acrylic albums, that sort of thing. I also store all my 8 1/2" x 11" cardstock in one of the openings, my Slice in another and in the last two, I have my acrylic stamps stored in binders and my basic stamping supplies.

On top of my desk, I have two spinners. The Jetmax one I got on sale at Target and the Making Memories one that was on huge sale at 2Peas. I also have my Ott light and a pen holder that I snagged from my mom. :)

Here's the view between my desk and the JetMax cubes. I've got two garbage cans, the little one for trash and the larger one for recycling and I hang my paper trimmer on the wall. I saw it on Ali Edwards blog and it just makes so much sense for me.

The shelf on the wall is another sale purchase from 2Peas and it's by Making Memories as well. I turned it into my own version of a Clip-it-up with some split ring key tags and drapery hooks from Ikea. I keep my most used letter stickers on it. Oh, and my color wheel and some templates. On top is just some fun, inspirational stuff and the drawers are currently empty.

Behind me on top of the cubes, I have an aqua tool box that I got at an antique fair (love it!). I store my extra trimmers in the back and my glimmer mists/shimmerz/maya mists in it. I've also got some random crafty stuff, like the supples for my Scrabble tile pendants. The wire basket next to it holds 8x8 and smaller paper pads and some journaling pads. Then, another basket with some of my favorite and most used punches. The first aqua basket holds my border punches and the one next to it has my liquid adhesives.

The top row of cubes with glass doors holds my patterned paper and cardstock. The cube next to my cardstock holds extra adhesives in the bottom and naked chipboard on the top. Sitting on a cube next to that is my Ikea thingy that has markers and some ink pads. The two aqua Martha Stewart boxes hold Halloween themed product and zoo themed product. The two Making Memories desktop organizers hold stuff for projects. For example, the one on the left has all the product I use in my daughter's 1st year album. It makes it very easy to get my supplies when I want to work on her book. I got those at 2Peas as well.

Seriously, folks, it was an awesome sale! The desktop organizers were $10.00 each as was the desktop carousel, they both are regularly $40.00! The ribbon shelve was a bit of a splurge at $25.00 but since it's normally $100.00, it was just too good of a deal to pass up! Especially since it put me over the $50 mark and into the land of free shipping. Yeah, baby! I do have to say, picking it up at the post office was a bit embarrassing. They had to have someone help me carry it out as I had Mickey and Audrey with me and Aud was just a few months old.

I don't really have a good pic of the rest of the cubes but they are mainly the 3-drawer type. They have my cardstock scraps, patterned paper scraps, envelopes, card ideas, blank cards, card making supplies, three drawers of miscellaneous schtuff, paint, flock/stickles/crackle paint, eyelets/brads, bling, three drawers of flowers and another drawer with extra adhesive.

I have two cubes that are the 4-drawer style and I keep all my ribbon in those. I keep all my ribbon in tiny ziplocks sorted by color in gallon sized ziplocks.

These are my blue ribbons. :) Sorry for the bad pic, I took it at night and there's only so much an Ott-lite can do! LOL! This ribbon storage has worked really well for me. The ribbon stays untangled and fairly crease free and it's very portable. It's really easy to find the color I need and I write the name of the manufacturer on the bag with a ball point pen.
The cubes with horizontal shelves have layouts in progress, kits and my Heidi Swapp masks on a jump ring in them. The cubes with vertical shelves have projects in progress, layouts from classes that need pics, more letter stickers and some random Scenic Route stuff.

Well, that's my scrap room! The next scrap room post will have my future plans for this space.
Thanks for checking it out! :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

She's One!

~She is currently standing over by the slider in our bedroom, "whistling" at the goat out in the field. LOL!

~She's been walking more than crawling for about the last two weeks.

~It was almost halfway through her party before she'd walk in front of such a large group.

~The party was a huge success and she gave kisses to almost everyone as they left.

~She loves those pink and white animal crackers. (They were around the bottom of her cake.)

~Pretty fond of frosting, too.

~She got two dollies, a baby stroller, some stuffed animals and a lot of adorable clothes yesterday.

~I can't get over the fact that she's one!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter today! We're going to dye our Easter eggs now. A little last minute but with all the party planning, it just didn't happen sooner. :)

Have a great day! :D

Edited to add~

Words~Mama, Dada, Ka (cracker) and her first and favorite..."Hi!"

Friday, April 2, 2010

I'm That Chicken...

Nope, I'm not afraid of something, I'm the chicken with it's head cut off!

I've got a post in the works about my scrap desk area, I need to do one about my recent scrappy goodies and I need to show you the tutorial I did over at AWDML.

But, we just got back from an Easter Egg hunt, (it didn't rain, thank goodness!) and I've got to get in high gear for Miss Thing's first birthday party tomorrow. And then, Sunday, it's her actual birthday and Easter! I'm running aroud like a maniac right now!

So, here's a link to my tutorial.
Here's a pic of the almost one year old.

And soon, I'll be back with more posts! :D