Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Audrey Milestones

Yesterday, she cut her third tooth. I had thought her extreme clingyness(I don't think that's a word) was just due to her cold but now it makes more sense. She got another lower tooth. This one's on the right. If I remember correctly, I think Mickey got 3-4 on the bottom before his uppers started coming in.

Today, she pushed herself up to standing and just when I started to marvel at how long she'd been standing there by herself, she took a step! She started to take another one and wobbled and slowly sank back down to the ground.

Go baby girl! :D

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Weigh in Wednesday...

...has been called on account of sickness. Seriously. Mickey, Audrey and I all have monster colds. It started a few hours after our final Christmas event, we had six of them! I started getting a sore throat that evening after the kids were in bed and woke up many times in the night. Audrey woke up with a green "mustache" and then the next day, Mickey joined in.

Since whatever I take ends up in Audrey, I've been limited to a little bit of Tylenol and some throat drops. Not cough drops, not lozenges, throat drops. They are basically candy with pectin. Heh. So, to aleviate the throat, I'm eating a lot more. And, on top of all our Christmas events, it's just not going to be pretty so I'm not setting foot on that scale.

Stress is bad for a cold, right? ;)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Card Holder

Remember when Mickey's crib got recalled? We had to send back the screws and such to get our voucher but, we still had the frame. Andrew threw a bit of a stink about keeping it but I knew that some of it could be used as a headboard and footboard still, as long as they weren't used for a baby. (I'm thinking a future guest room bed.) I wasn't sure what I was going to do with the sides and the mattress support I still wanted to keep them.

Well, I found a use for the mattress support! Introducing my brand new, handy-dandy, Christmas Card Holder!!!

I bought some mini clothespins and some ribbon and enlisted Andrew to hang it for me. I'm thinking about keeping it up year round for pictures and birthday/Mother's Day/Father's Day cards. I'm also planning on decorating the clothespins too.

So, what do you think? Cute or silly? :)

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Have a wonderful Christmas!


Erica, Andrew, Mickey and Audrey

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve Santa Visit

I'm very last minute this year but I'm getting it done and that's all that matters! LOL!

We went to see Santa today at the Woodburn Outlet Mall. Mickey didn't want to sit on Santa's lap so we pulled up a little red to chair for him to sit on. He wasn't going for that either. So, Andrew sat on the chair and Mickey on his lap. I had Andrew lean back and it almost looks like Mickey's sitting on Santa's lap with his sister. ;)

Aud had no problem with Santa. She gave him a bit of a look but once Mickey was near, she was golden.

Here they are. Andrew is trying to talk Mickey into giving Santa a "fist bump".

And, the money shot. Well, as good as it gets with a three year old and eight month old. They are both looking at the camera. Heh!

Mickey did overcome his shyness enough to tell Santa that he wanted a bulldozer. Fortunately, Santa kind of already knew this so he'll be good to go tomorrow morning. ;)

Tonight we're off to Andrew's dad's side of the family to have dinner. We're bringing desserts!

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas Eve!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Weigh in Wednesday

Ooops! I forgot last week's. Oh, well. :)

Today's weigh in....165! Another one bites the dust! Three down, fifteen to go!

I'm nervous about this next week. Sweets are my downfall. And cheese and cracker platters. And, did mention potato dumplings and homemade strawberry jam? It's gonna be a rough week. :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Baby Girl Randoms

~She is really attached to me. This was one of the few pictures I took where she isn't crawling straight towards me.

~She loves her some solid foods. This also includes dog food. Sigh.

~She cruises along the couch and coffe table.

~She stands for 6-8 seconds at a time...unsupported!

~She likes to give me kisses. Big, drooly, open mouth kisses.

~She thinks her daddy is pretty darn cool. She'll stop what she's doing and just grin at him.

~She adores her big brother.

~She is so mellow and easy going. She will only cry if she's hungry or if she's tired. She will stop crying if you pick her up. Sometimes she'll even stop crying if you look at her and smile. Baby Girl is all about the eye contact.

~She has a few different crawling speeds.

Slow-she takes her time, crawls a few steps and then stops and sits up, crawls a few steps and then stops and sits up again.

Fast-she crawls nonstop down the hall, baby girl is on a mission.

Super fast baby warp speed-this happens when she is in fast crawling mode and sees me at the other end of the hall. You can hear her little hands slapping on the carpet, her little panting breath and the tracks she leaves in the carpet and then bam! she's there.

~She has the world's most kissable cheeks. I can't help but kiss them and smoosh them. Super cute!

~She giggles when I kiss her upper lip. She also giggles when I say "booger, booger".

~She makes this weird "ack-ack-ack" sound. Kind of like a machine gun. We have no idea where she came up with it but it's hysterical. I like to tell her that if she keeps that up she'll sound like a two pack a day smoker by the time she's three!

~The way her little face lights up when she sees me, melts my heart. Every time. I love my baby girl.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Little Man Randoms

~Mickey "reads" stories and each page of every story he reads begins, "One day...". It's ridiculously adorable!

~He is pretty well potty trained now. No accidents lately and he just needs a little help sometimes. Most of the time he can handle it all by himself. He hasn't gone without telling us though. I'm looking forward to the first time I hear the toilet flush, the water run and then see him come out all by himself!

~He got grounded from the TV for a week for drawing on our comforter with a marker. I'm pretty sure it was and accident that he got it on the comforter but we'd already talked about him not touching the markers and he said he wouldn't. So, one week without TV. Well, the week's over and I'm not ready for him to start in on the tube again. Andrew and I have discussed it and he's going to be allowed one show a day and he can come in the living room with us if we are watching something. (When he was grounded he had to leave the room if we wanted to watch something.)

~This last week his behavior has improved. He was getting quite mouthy and I was beginning to think that the terrible two's we avoided were coming back to bite us as terrible three's. I'm blaming Spongebob and it's on the list of cartoon's he can't watch.

~We saw a Santa walking home from his shift tonight and Mickey was super excited. "It's MY Santa" he kept saying. :) He wanted us to turn around because "I should go say Hi!". LOL! I told him Santa was working. That all the houses with chimneys (like ours) were fine and that's how he would come in on Christmas Eve. But, he needs to visit the houses with out chimneys ahead of time to do Santa magic and give them a magic chimney that will show up on Christmas Eve. :)
~He's wearing size 4/4T clothes and size 10 shoes.
~He gives kisses "on the mouth" and holds your face in his hands to line you up just right. It's very sweet.
~He is one darn good kid and we are so very lucky to have him.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

I Made the Top Eight!!!

Well, my wreath did at least! :D

Eddie Ross is having a contest for all the people who made his ornament wreath. They (Eddie and Jaithan) narrowed it down to the top eight and my wreath was one of the eight! Whoo-hoo! I am so excited and so giddy about it, it's not even funny.

You can vote here.

My wreath is number 4 and I'd really appreciate the vote!

Thanks, everyone! :D

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Our Crayon Stars

Little Man with the finished product. :D

I'd made my own crayons when I was a kid but I did the layered kind in a self made, tin foil mold. Not the best shape. LOL! I saw some really cool ones here and figured they'd be a great craft to do with little man.

Since he's only three, a lot of the crafts we do involve a lot of effort on my part and this one was no exception. I took the paper off the crayons and he broke them into pieces.

I then broke them into smaller pieces and he put some crayons into one of the stars in the muffin tin. (I forgot to get a pic of the crayons in the tin. Whoops!)

Here they are starting to melt in the oven.
And, they are almost ready. Here's the liquified crayon fresh out of the oven.
The instructions I found said to take them out of the oven to cool or put them in the freezer. As it never got above freezing outside, I just put them on the front walk. :)

It only took a few minutes and they were ready to go.

Random close up of the cooled crayon.
Our finished product! We're going to send them to my nieces and nephews in Colorado for Christmas. I hope they like them! :D

Weigh In Wednesday

Down another pound!!! :D 166, baby! 16 more to go.

I've been doing well with my eating habits, especially since I've been crafting more. If I keep my hands busy, I have a harder time eating mindlessly. ;)

I still need to get off my tuckus and work out though.

It's been really cold here lately. I mean really cold. Like it was 7 degrees this morning. Seven! When the day's high isn't above freezing, a walk outside is not a good idea. LOL! Mickey's gone outside with my dad but they only stay out a while before it's back inside for some hot cocoa.

My mom's over today to do some crafting and Mickey's getting into the act, too. He's (we're) making star shaped crayons! I'll post pics later. :D

Gotta scoot, the oven's beeping! :D

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Eddie Ross Wreath

So, I've been seeing this freakin' adorable wreath on some of the decorating blogs I read and I just had to make one.

I got all the "ingredients" at my local Dollar Tree and went to town one night while watching Harry Potter (for the millionth time!).
I found the original instructions on Eddie Ross's blog here. Isn't his version gorgeous???? I'll be hitting the post-Christmas clearance sales to try to make one as fab as his!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Weigh In Wednesday

I lost a pound! Whoo-hoo! :D

I was actually just hoping to not gain this week as I had TWO Thanksgiving dinners. I'm so excited that I lost this week, it's not even funny!

I've been trying to do more sit ups/etc this last week and I ate salads for lunch everyday so even though I only walked twice I still did okay. Phew!

I really like salads I just don't tend to eat them because they take a bit more effort. I have salad with green leaf lettuce or romaine, carrots, tomatoes, cottage cheese, raisins and Catalina dressing. It was a lot easier when I could just buy the bagged salad, however, convenience foods are no longer in the budget. But, I've started making my own bagged salad and that's made all the difference. I wash and shred all my lettuce, chop up my carrots and toss them in a gallon sized zip lock. (It also takes up less room in my fridge!) I keep a container of pre-chopped tomatoes handy and making my salad is a snap!

Sidebar~I LOVE cottage cheese. I know it's supposed to be that most hated of diet foods but I love it! I've loved it ever since I was a baby. It's so good on salads, with fruit, with crackers, heck, I even eat it straight out of the container!

I watched the Biggest Loser last night and they ran a marathon! Can you believe it? Freakin' amazing. So, I'm going to try to run a mile this week. I've got craptacular knees so we'll see how that goes. Heh.

How was your week? Anyone have any weight loss tips that have worked for them?

Friday, November 27, 2009

Quick Turkey Day Recap and a Milestone!

Thanksgiving was a hit! Everyone stayed late and after playing some intense dominos, a group went down to the bowling alley just before eight. :)

The kids and I went to the sock sale at Fred Meyer and then to one other store before heading back. They were both very well behaved.

Now for the milestone. Today, after dinner, Audrey stood on her own for almost five seconds! Go, baby girl, go! :D

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing you and yours a happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Weigh-In Wednesday




I lost zero pounds this week. I can't say that I'm suprised. I only worked out once and I hardly curbed my snacking. I need to get working out built into my schedule. If I walk on the treadmill I have to do it while baby girl is napping as she won't hang out in her toy in the garage for 30 minutes without getting bored and fussy. It's supposed to be nice out today (read: no rain) so I think I'll take the kids for a walk. It's a little too depressing treadmill today as my cat (who lives in the garage) went missing last night. :(

I also need to do something in the evenings to stop the majority of my snacking. I do have a plan for that. I ordered some laminate. :) I know that doesn't make sense now but it will! I'll post as soon as it's ready! In the meantime, I'm going to start crafting my little head off in the evenings. I'll work on Christmas presents and home decor. Oh, and I have some computer stuff I need to take care of as well. Hopefully all that will keep my hands too busy to stuff food in my mouth.

If you're making this journey with me, how are you doing? Any ideas on how to survive Thursday? I really need help with that as I'm hosting two Thanksgivings, one on Thursday and one on Sunday.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Weigh In Wednesday

It's time.

I'm ready.

I'm sick of only wearing a tenth of my clothes.

It's time for me to get serious about ditching the baby weight. With Mickey I didn't start losing weight until he was 18 months old. I got within 4 pounds of my goal weight and plateaued. Turns out my plateau was a pregnancy. Heh.

It's time to start that journey again.

It's going to be harder to do this time as I'm still nursing Audrey. I get hungry when I nurse her! LOL! Also, I can't drink caffeine or have sugar substitutes, two of my best friends when I'm losing weight. I also need to make sure I don't curtail my calories too much so that my milk supply is still sufficient for her.

I need to start walking 30 minutes a day, drink more water and quit eating so much after the kids go to bed.

I've tried to do this before but I think putting it out here for the world to see may help motivate me a bit. ;)

So, without further ado, here it is.

My first weigh in.


Wish me luck! :D

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Gettin' Crafty!

Friday, I finished up a project that I'd been wanting to do forever. I'd originally seen it in a Martha Stewart book years ago and just never got around to it. Finally, the $8.00 rug at IKEA (down from about $15 last year), the self adhesive vinyl and the fates all aligned so I could make this!!!

I also had to buy some indoor/outdoor black spray paint, dig out the good old painters tape and search the internet for hours (seriously!) to find the perfect H.

Now we finally have a front door mat! :D

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Awesome Fabric Giveaway!

Remember that post I made here about My Mind's Eye fabric showing up at the Quilt Expo? Well, I've finally found it online here at Hawthorne Threads. And, whilst zipping around that lovely site, I found a totally awesome giveaway!!!

All you have to do is sign up for their mailing list to get one entry. If you blog about it, you'll get an additional 10 entries!!! ;)

And here are the lovely prizes! First place gets a kit to make a super cute bag and second and third place get a fat quarter set of this awesome fabric, Girly Girl in Sweet. I'm actually hoping for second or third because I've got some projects going on that would look fabulous with this fabric!

Oh, and did I mention that they also carry Basic Grey and Cosmo Cricket fabric?

Yeah, they rock! :D

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Songs I Sing to the Kiddos

These are the songs that I sing to my kids. I made up the lyrics but I'm pretty sure I jacked at least some of the tunes from somewhere. I haven't a clue where though. :D I wanted to get them on "paper" though so I don't forget them.

This one is Audrey's bath song. :)

It's bath time, it's splash time,
for little miss Audrey Rose.
It's bath time, it's splash time,
We're gonna wash you from your head to your toes!

This is one I used to sing for Mickey when he was a baby.

Who's got the Mickey?
Mama's got the Mickey.
Mama's got her Mitchell Jack.

And a version for Audrey.

Who's got the Audrey?
Mama's got the Audrey.
Mama's got her Audrey Rose.

This is a before bedtime song that I've sung for both kids.

Let's put your p.j.'s on,
'cause it's time for bed.
Let's put your p.j.'s on,
and rest your sleepy head.
And you'll sleep all through the night.
Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.
And you'll sleep all through the night.

(This song worked better for Mickey as Audrey is a little less consistent on sleeping all through the night. LOL!)

Anybody else make up songs for their kiddos?

Or am I the only one who can't remember the words to traditional songs. Heh!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Coffe and Naps

Nope, I'm still not drinking caffiene but I did go to coffee with my Granny this morning. It's quite the feat as it involves getting myself and the kidlets ready to go when she shows up at 7:10 am! We went to the Hitchin' Post in Molalla and stayed for about an hour and a half. Mickey had bacon and eggs and toast and I had water ... and one of his pieces of bacon and his leftover eggs and toast edges. LOL!

About 10:00, I put Audrey down for her nap and then took one myself. Apparently Mickey thought that this was the thing to do as he put himself down for one, too!

Monday, November 2, 2009

I Got My Halloween Scrap On!

Well, my craft on at least. ;) The night before Halloween I plopped myself down in our master and plopped the kids in the living room with Daddy.

And, here's what I created. :)

First up, a sign for the trick-or-treaters (we did have some!) so that they wouldn't miss the basket of Play-doh by the front door. The paper is Pink Paislee, the black glitter letter stickers are American Crafts and the other black glitter stickers are Making Memories. I cut out a smaller piece of chipboard to adhere to the back to make the piece a little sturdier. I also adhered the ribbon to that piece. Oh, and you can't really see but their is a line drawn from the letter E in ONE to the spider. :)

The other project I did was actually finishing up one I'd started AGES ago! I'd already painted the letters black and cut out and rounded the corners of the patterned paper but hadn't done anything else. So, I dug out my Shimmerz mist and went to town. I sprayed the base of the door hanger with Concrete Shimmerz and the letters with that, too. Once they dried, I inked the edges of the chipboard (actually an accordian mini book from Maya Road) and the edges of the paper (from Scenic Route). I then glued the letters to the paper and mounted the paper on the chipboard with foam adhesive. I used my Crop-a-Dile to punch two holes at the top and tied the ribbon through them.
For final touch, I added some Mrs. Grossman's green gems to the letters.

So, there they are. My Halloween scrappiness! Hope you like them! :D

Saturday, October 31, 2009


Kathy, John and Karly came over late this afternoon to see Mickey and Audrey and give little man some Halloween candy. After that, we finished dressing the kids in their costumes and I had a little mini photo shoot with them. Much better results than the pumpkin patch. LOL! Mickey was a farmer and Audrey was his cow. We lit our jack-o-lantern, set out our Halloween goodies (Play-doh) for any trick or treaters we may get and hit the road.

First stop, Brian and his family. No dice as they weren't home. Probably a good thing as I found out Ellie has the flu. So, off to my dad's. Mickey rang the bell but didn't quite get the whole say "Trick or Treat" thing. We hung out a while and then went to Andrew's folks. Mickey loves their cats. He was more interested in them than the candy which is saying something as Mickey ate both of the pieces of candy that Dad gave him at Dad's house. Nothing like leaving a TOT stop with no candy. Heh!

Next we drove to Mom and Larry's. They had cards and goodies for both kids. I had the brilliant idea to leave Andrew with Larry so they could watch the games (U of O football and the World Series) and Mom could go with me and the kids to Granny's. Granny was really glad to see us and she had goodies and cards for the kids, too. She also had a laundry basket for me that belonged to Grandpa Jack's mom and a cool old chair for me to put in my scrap room. :)

We headed back to Mom's and they gave Andrew and I the rest of their candy. (They only had four trick or treaters.) We left and when we got home we found out that nine of the Play-doh containers were gone. So, either we had nine kids stop by or maybe three came and took three each. Either way, I'm thrilled that kids stopped! :D

Hope your Halloween was as fun as ours!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hardcore Potty Training

is happening here today. Mickey is in unders (except for nap and bedtime) and I will be doing a lot more laundry. Sigh. He's so mellow about some things and not really easily influenced about others, that it's hard to bribe him or use peer pressure on him. This will be great when he's a teen but right now I just want to be done with diapers! LOL!

Our training right now consists of me asking him if he needs to go and sitting him down every 15-30 minutes to try. He hasn't "gone" yet so I'm going to up the ante after his nap and give him as much apple juice as he wants and I'm going to have him help clean up his accidents. No big scolding just learning that peeing in the undies leads to him having to take off his clothes, wipe himself down and put the dirty clothes in a laundry basket in the garage. We're also going to work on teaching him to take his clothes off by himself and dress himself. Not just for potty training but also because it's one of the things that I was asked about at his 3-year check up. (You know, we'd be a lot more up on these things if they let us know about them ahead of time. LOL!)

Oh, speaking of his 3-year check up, I realized that I haven't let my son use scissors yet. I know, I know, I'm a scrapper you'd think it would be a given that he would be all over it. But, he's just not that into paper crafting/drawing/etc and I haven't given him the chance with scissors yet. I have three pair of safety scissors so I'm not sure what my issue is. I'd like to use the baby and the move as an excuse but I can't. I'm going to have get my little guy some crafty time!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Party Decorations

We had a John Deere themed birthday party for Mickey yesterday. It went fabulously! It started at three and we still had a few stragglers at 7:00!

Here are some pics of the decor. This will most likely be the only time you'll see my house decked out in green and yellow! LOL!

Granny thought I couldn't see her behind the window. LOL!
My niece Brianna wrote on the windows for me. My handwriting is not so hot.
The John Deere logo on a sign saying Mickey is Three!!!
Yellow and green chips and dips and some John Deere fruit snacks in a John Deere tractor.
The green and yellow sweets on our new buffet. We had green and yellow candies...
farm animals on "grassy" cupcakes and ...

green and yellow gummy worms crawling out of dirt cupcakes! They were my favorite.

Next up: The Party!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sunday, October 18, 2009

One Fine Day

Breakfast at the Country Club to celebrate October birthdays.

Uncle Doug having an unused wood file cabinet, just what I needed.

Andrew & Mickey picking up some straw bales for Cleatus (now Clovis).

Finding a buyer for our Honda.

SIL Cindy asking me to take nephew Jared's senior pics.

Pizza for dinner followed by root beer floats to celebrate selling the Honda.

One fine day indeed! :D

Monday, October 5, 2009

I'm Old Today! And, the Weekend Update!

Yep, today is my 33rd birthday. :D I pretty much love birthdays. No hang ups about getting older. Well, there was this one time that I got a crown on my tooth but we won't go there! LOL!

This weekend we did a bunch of stuff around the house. Andrew cleaned up outside, built an arbor for and planted the grape plants my dad bought us and mowed for the goat. I cleaned up inside, painted the scrap room one last time and cared for some slightly sick kiddos.

The plan for Saturday night was to have my mom watch the kids while Andrew and I went to my 15 year high school reunion. Well, with the kids being sick, I didn't feel right leaving them. So I decided that we wouldn't go, Andrew was not too terribly dissapointed about this. LOL! At the last minute I decided to go and that way Andrew would be home with the kids. I'm so glad I did! The reunion was a blast! I got to see old friends and just have a great time catching up with everyone. And, I just gotta say....Damn, the class of '94 is good looking! You know how everyone loves going to reunions to see who got heavy or ugly or just old looking? Not us! We are still smokin' hot!

Sunday, I made us French Toast and bacon for breakfast and then my friend Alicia stopped by at 10:00 to hang out until we went to lunch at Burgerville in Canby with three other friends from high school. Alicia couldn't make the reunion but she drove down Sunday morning from TACOMA to come hang out with me and then have lunch. She is a fantastic friend! I miss her terribly and was so glad to be able to spend time with her. :)

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Things you learn at a Quilt Show

My Mind's Eye makes fabric!!!

I knew Basic Grey and Cosmo Cricket did but, I had no idea that My Mind's Eye does now too!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Things to Do, Things to Do

Lots of things to do around here. Kind of par for the course after you move though, isn't it? :)

Things to do today
~spackle in the scrap room did some this morning but need to pull out some screws so I can finish Done!
~move the furniture in Mickey's room so I can paint the last wall Done
~paint the last wall in Mickey's room ~Green part ~Blue part Done
~take random stuff out to shop Done!
~move the closet stuff out of the scrap room (well, at least the stuff that's not too heavy for me)
~wash Audrey's size 6 month and 6-9 month clothing
~pack up her 3-6 month clothing
~hang/put away her 6 & 6-9
~clean the litter box Done!
~pick up cat food and my watch at Fred Meyer Done!
~try to decide where to hang pictures, etc. hoping my SIL will drop by today, she's better at decorating than I am
~paint the scrap room I bought the paint yesterday
~e-mail some friends Done!

This full to do list is because I've got a very full first few days of October.

The 1st is Devo's 13th B-day. Devo is our Whippet and he may be getting old but he still looks like a young pup.

The 2nd is my BIL Todd's birthday.

The 3rd is my SIL Chrissy's birthday and my 15 year class reunion.

Audrey turns 6 months old on the 4th and I'm having a friend from high school over who won't be able to make the reunion on the 3rd. Oh, and I'm having my first Sunday night dinner on the 4th to celebrate my SIL and my birthdays. birthday is on the 5th. I'll be 33. :D And, I have a doctor's appointment that afternoon to get a mole and a weird growth looked at. Not the kind of thing I really want to do on my birthday but it's got to be done.

Since I've got all this going on and two events at my house, I'm really trying to get this place together. The two worst offenders in my house are the boxes of decor/piles of pictures in the living room and the humongous pile of craft/scrap filled boxes that were in my scrap room and now reside in a corner of the master bedroom.

Yesterday, I finished painting two of the walls in Mickey's room. There's only three that need painting due to his wall of closet. LOL! It was a lavender color and now it looks like this!

Actually, the green has another coat and looks much better. I also have some grey and some yellow paint because next week I'm going to paint a road on it! Mickey's going to love it and have a blast driving his cars on his wall. :D

Monday, September 21, 2009

Ahhhh, Back on Schedule

We're finally getting back to a decent sleeping schedule here at the new house. It's only taken four weeks! LOL!

8:00pm~the kids (love saying that!) go to bed
5:00am~Audrey wakes up to eat
5:20am~Audrey goes back to bed
6:30am~Mickey wakes up and Andrew gets him up
8:00am~Audrey wakes up and I get her up.

All in all, it means I've been getting a good amount of sleep for the mother of a five and a half month old, who is right now trying to pull herself up on the johnny-jump-up thingy.

Oh, lordy.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

She's my little early bird!

She showed up early. April 4th instead of the 10th.

She rolled over early. At two months at the doctor's office in front of said doctor.

And now, at five and a half months, she's got two teeth, she can sit up tall without supporting herself on her hands and she's freakin' crawling! Not very fast yet and she gets a little too distracted to go far but she's got the crawling thing down.

Oh, dear.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

First Tooth!

Little Miss Audrey Rose got her first tooth today! The night before last she was super fussy (for her) and woke up three times in the night. Today, I was letting her chew on my thumb and I felt it. We checked and low and behold, her bottom left tooth is officially poking through!

Yay, Audrey! :D

Sorry for the lack of pics lately. I'm still unpacking a few things....okay, a lot of things....and the camera gear is now next on the list. ;)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I'm back, with a winner!

Sorry it took me so long to do this but we've been without the internet until just yesterday! It's so good to be back.

I've missed everyone.

Have you missed me?

How's the weather?

Oh, you want me to tell you who the winner is?

Well, okay, if you really want to know...the winner is...Jingle!!!! Jennifer my dear, you are one of the luckiest people on the planet! LOL! I'm glad I can add to your winning streak. :D Please e-mail me your address to melegs (at) hotmail (dot) com and I'll send you your goodies.

Still getting settled in here. The kitchen's pretty much done and so is Audrey's room. The living room needs stuff on the walls as does the dining room, which also needs a few more baskets. Mickey's room has been a hot mess until today. It needs some painting as it is currently lavender. It's going to be pretty cool when it's painted. I'll share that later. Our bathrooms are good to go and our closet (the little one) is almost done and so is the computer station. It just needs some shelves and stuff on the walls. Our master is needing help and needing to get a bunch of junk out of it. Finally, the scrap room. Sigh, it hasn't been touched except to steal one of the shoe racks off the wall and put it in our little closet.

I'm hoping to get started on it next week.

Tomorrow the cable guy is coming and Andrew is thrilled. The man can't hack it without the tube. Also, our niece is going to be spending the night and Mickey is thrilled. He loves Karly!!! I'm thinking we'll paint little dude's room this weekend. There's a chair rail about 3/4ths of the way up the wall and above that it's the same creamy white as the ceiling and the rail. That will stay the same. Below the rail it's currently lavender but it's going to be blue...and green! A bright blue sky with rolling green hills and a grey road with yellow stripes will adorn his walls once we're through with it! And by we, I mean me. Andrew hates painting. :)

I really need to get our clothes organized and get the junk out of our bedroom so I can start in on the scrap room so I think that will be in the cards for tomorrow.

What's your plan for Friday?

Monday, August 24, 2009

We're in!

I'm just here at the old place, doing some laundry and picking up a few things we need for tomorrow but we are all sleeping at the new house tonight!

Mom and the kids and I will be over here tomorrow to pack up the kitchen and take a load back. Then, the menfolk have to move a few more large items and I'll have another load or two and we'll be done!

Well, done with moving. We women know that all the hard work starts once you're moved! LOL!

We're Moving!

Today!!! Our loan funds this morning but we've already gotten the keys from the sellers and even taken a load over in our trucks. I got antsy while we were waiting for some family to stop by the new place so I zipped over to the storage unit in town and brought back a load from there, too! LOL!

Plans for today!

~Call utilities and get them switched to our name. (This may or may not include internet service, so I might not be back for a while unless I post from my mom's.)

~Load up my truck.

~Call my nephew Kevin and have him come over and load up his vehicle.

~Head to Canby and unload

~Head to storage unit and load up both vehicles as well as my dad and my brother, Cody's.

~Unload at the house

~Repeat until storage unit is empty! :)

~2:00 go to the fairgrounds and pick up my photos and layouts. Ask about the picture of Norman. (I think it might be going to the State Fair!!!)

~2:30 take Audrey to her 4 month check up

~Head back to Silverton and pack more stuff up

~3:00 Andrew gets off work and will pick up a trailer from the realtor

~4:00 load up trailer, unload in Canby

~repeat until we're too tired or it's too late in the day

It's almost eight now so I've got to go! It's gonna be a busy day! :D

Friday, August 14, 2009

Here are the Goodies!

Here are the pics of the blog candy from my giveaway.

Good luck! :D

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

We're buying a house!!! (And a giveaway!!!)

Yep, that's the big news I referred to earlier. We finally found a house we like and can afford and fits our needs. Phew! I seriously can't wait to get back to Canby. Living in Silverton has been fun but it's time to go home now.
The family is seriously thrilled. Granny has clocked the distance between our two homes and we will be less than four miles away. She is so excited! :D

This is our new house. Well, it will be the end of this month. :)

Here's our shop. (Andrew loves this!)

The main bathroom.

The dining room and kitchen.

The ginormous (I kid you not!) master bedroom. Check out that door to the right. We'll come back to that door in a bit.

The master bath. The picture is a little wonky.

This is going to be Audrey's bedroom. I'm keeping the walls the way they are except I'm painting the brown dots and stripes green. It's a super cute room!Our back patio. (Nope, the Traeger doesn't come with it.)

The shed/dog house/dog run.

The back yard. Yep, there's a fire pit and a sitting area just outside those french doors which lead into the master.

Now, we're back to that door in the master suite. It's a ginormous walk in closet. It's almost the size of a bedroom and it has a window! This is going to be my craft room. There is a closet between the master bedroom and the master bath that houses the washer/dryer. Andrew is going to move those into the garage and that will be our closet.

We just don't have that many clothes and I do have that much craft stuff! LOL!

The house also comes with a goat. Yep, I'm getting a goat, finally!!! His name is Chuck but I think we're going to call him Cleatus. LOL!

Now for the giveaway!!! Since I'm so excited, I thought I'd share the love. Leave a comment here and you'll be entered in the drawing. Your comment can be anything you want. But please make sure that there's a way that I can get a hold of you. :D This contest will be open for entries until our loan funds. LOL!

Oh, you want to know the prize, do you? Well, it's a collection of five little stamp sets and some kraft journaling spots. (I'll post a pic of the goodies later!)