Tuesday, September 11, 2012

First Days, Good and Bad

Ah, first days of school.  Always fun and always different!  Mickey's official first day was today.  It was only for the kids whose last names are in the first half of the alphabet.  This is supposed to help them as it's a smaller class and the teacher can give them more attention. 
Well, Mickey wasn't having any of it.  I tried to get him in a bit of a rhythm at school but every choice I made, was the wrong one.  He wasn't supposed to hang up his backpack without checking in it for notes for teacher.  He wasn't supposed to sit at his desk first, he was supposed to go sit on the rug and read.
After "doing everything wrong" he was just so upset and didn't want me to leave.  Finally, I had to pull myself away from him physically.  His teacher was literally peeling his fingers off my arm.  And, he was almost screaming for me.  Not an auspicious start to kindergarten. 
I'm pretty sure that yesterday didn't help either.  We got to school on time for his Open House only to be told that the well pump at the school had broken and as there was no water, school was cancelled.  We headed home and flagged down the neighbor girl to tell her, when we found out that the kindergartners could come in, drop off supplies and then leave.  Once we get to the classroom, we find out that the teacher is going to do Open House anyway.   With all this yes, no, maybe so stuff, Mickey was a little thrown.  I was totally not expecting any of that because he did so well at his preschool with first days.
Fortunately, he did calm down really quickly once I left.  The teacher had the school counselor call my cell to let me know that which was really kind of her.  When Aud and I picked him up, he was right as rain and smiling big.  I'm so glad he liked it and I'm hoping his next day (Thursday) will go a lot easier.  It will be his first time riding the bus and he's so excited!  I'm just hoping that excitement lasts once the bus pulls in front of our house.  Fingers crossed!
Aud's first day went the way I'd hoped.  We took her to the preschool, she got her name tag, her hands sanitized and off she went.  I had to call her back for a quick pic and a hug and goodbye kiss.  She was just as fine when we came to get her.  In fact, she's so cool with the whole preschool thing that she's trying to talk me into letting her go to kindergarten.  Fortunately, that's not under my control.  ;)
All in all, they had fun (even if it took a while) and they are looking forward to going back on Thursday which is the most important thing!
Yay for first days!!! (And, yay for them being over!)

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